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Amesos -- History of visible changes

This file reports (some of) the visible changes to Amesos.
Please submit Amesos bugs at


July 2005

*) Added Makefile.export.amesos. Users who want to take advantage of
   Amesos in their codes only have to import this file in the application's
   Makefile, then use the variables AMESOS_INCLUDES and AMESOS_LIBS to
   specify the location of the header files and the location and name of
   all libraries required to link with Amesos.
   [M. Sala and R. Pawlowsky]

June 2005

*) Added full support for Teuchos' RefCountPtr to SuperLU_DIST and LAPACK
   class. All objects allocated by these two classes are automatically 
   destroyed by the RefCountPtr, therefore reducing possible memory leaks.
   The code of Amesos_Lapack is now sensibly shorter and easier to read.
   [M. Sala]

May 2005

*) Minor changes to the web site.

*) Added support for PARDISO. The interface, called Amesos_Pardiso, 
   supports non-symmetric matrices only, and makes use of Teuchos's
   RefCountPtr to manage memory. Added description of this class and
   the corresponding parameters to the reference guide. [M. Sala]

*) Added support for TAUCS. The TAUCS interface makes use of Teuchos'
   RefCountPtr to manage memory. Added description to the reference guide.
   [M. Sala]

*) Re-design the interfaces by adding classes Amesos_Time, Amesos_Status
   and Amesos_Utils. Also updated the documentation, and added support
   for RefCountPtr for memory management. to make the solvers more
   robust. [M. Sala]

*) A first version of Paraklete is added to the repository. [T. Davis]

April 2005

*) Added support for Python. Now all enabled Amesos third-party library can
   be accessed through Python. The user has to define an Amesos_Factory,
   then an Amesos_BaseSolver, finally call the sequence of
   SymbolicFactorization(), NumericFactorization() and Solve() as required.
   The Amesos package requires Epetra.  [M. Sala].

March 2005

*) Updated the reference guide. [M. Sala]

February 2005

*) Trilinos 5.0 is released with Amesos 2.0.

January 2005

*) Added copyright notice to most files. [K. Stanley]

*) Added and updated tests for the Trilinos 5.0 release. [K. Stanley, M. Sala]

*) Parameter AddToDiag is introduced to make ML's coarse solver more
   reliable in certain situations.

Sep 2004

*) Reference Guide of Amesos 2.0 is available. [M. Sala]

*) DSCPACK interface is added. [K. Stanley]

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