Amesos Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AmesosAmesos: A method for binding a third party direct solver to an Epetra_LinearProblem
Amesos_BaseSolverAmesos_BaseSolver: A pure virtual class for direct solution of real-valued double-precision operators
Amesos_BtfAmesos_Btf: Factors and solves a matrix after converting it to block triangular form
Amesos_ComponentAmesos_Component: A pure virtual class for direct solvers to be used within Amesos_Merikos to form a parallel direct solver
Amesos_ComponentBaseSolverAmesos_ComponentBaseSolver: A pure virtual class for direct solvers to be used within Amesos_Merikos to form a parallel direct solver
Amesos_ControlAmesos_Control: Container for some control variables
Amesos_DscpackAmesos_Dscpack: An object-oriented wrapper for Dscpack
Amesos_KluAmesos_Klu: A serial, unblocked code ideal for getting started and for very sparse matrices, such as circuit matrces
Amesos_LapackAmesos_Lapack: an interface to LAPACK
Amesos_MerikosAmesos_Merikos: A parallel divide and conquer solver
Amesos_MumpsAmesos_Mumps: An object-oriented wrapper for CERFACS' MUMPS
Amesos_NoCopiableAmesos_NoCopiable: Simple class to prevent the usage of copy constructor and operator =
Amesos_PardisoAmesos_Pardiso: Interface to the PARDISO package
Amesos_ScalapackAmesos_Scalapack: A serial and parallel dense solver. For now, we implement only the unsymmetric ScaLAPACK solver
Amesos_StatusAmesos_Status: Container for some status variables
Amesos_SuperluAmesos_Superlu: Amesos interface to Xioye Li's SuperLU 3.0 serial code
Amesos_SuperludistAmesos_Superludist: An object-oriented wrapper for Superludist
Amesos_SupportAmesos_Support: Collection of utilities not included in Amesos.h
Amesos_TaucsAmesos_Taucs: An interface to the TAUCS package
Amesos_TestRowMatrixAmesos_TestRowMatrix: a class to test Epetra_RowMatrix based codes
Amesos_TimeAmesos_Time: Container for timing information
Amesos_UmfpackClass Amesos_Umfpack: An object-oriented wrapper for UMFPACK
Amesos_UtilsAmesos_Utils: Collections of basic utilities
Epetra_CrsKundertSparseEpetra_CrsKundertSparse: Solves an Epetra_LinearProblem using the solver "Sparse" from ChiliSpice
Epetra_SLUEpetra_SLU: An object-oriented wrapper for Xiaoye Li's serial sparse solver package: Superlu
KundertOOKundertOO: An object-oriented wrapper for Kundert
SpoolesOOSpoolesOO: An object-oriented wrapper for Spooles
Superludist2_OOSuperludist2_OO: An object-oriented wrapper for Superludist
SuperludistOOSuperludistOO: An object-oriented wrapper for Xiaoye Li's Superludist

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