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KundertOO: An object-oriented wrapper for Kundert. More...

#include <KundertOO.h>

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Solve method

int Solve ()
 All computation is performed during the call to Solve().
int SetUserMatrix (Epetra_RowMatrix *UserMatrix)
int SetLHS (Epetra_MultiVector *X)
int SetRHS (Epetra_MultiVector *B)
Epetra_RowMatrixGetUserMatrix () const
Epetra_MultiVectorGetLHS () const
Epetra_MultiVectorGetRHS () const
int SetKundertDefaults ()
bool Transpose_
int x_LDA_
double * x_
int b_LDA_
double * b_
bool inConstructor_

Public Member Functions

bool GetTrans () const
void SetTrans (bool trans)
Constructor methods
 KundertOO (Epetra_RowMatrix *A, Epetra_MultiVector *X, Epetra_MultiVector *B)
 Kundert Constructor.
 KundertOO ()
 Kundert Destructor.

Detailed Description

KundertOO: An object-oriented wrapper for Kundert.

KundertOO will solve a linear systems of equations: $ AX=B $, using Epetra objects and the Kundert solver library, where $A$ is an Epetra_Operator or Epetra_RowMatrix (note that the Epetra_Operator class is a base class for Epetra_RowMatrix so that Epetra_RowMatrix isa Epetra_Operator.) $X$ and $B$ are Epetra_MultiVector objects.

KundertOO does not presently support solution of more than one simultaneous right-hand-side.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

KundertOO::KundertOO Epetra_RowMatrix A,
Epetra_MultiVector X,
Epetra_MultiVector B

Kundert Constructor.

Creates an Kundert instance, using an Epetra_LinearProblem, passing in an already-defined Epetra_LinearProblem object.

KundertOO::KundertOO  ) 

Kundert Destructor.

Completely deletes a Kundert object.

Member Function Documentation

int KundertOO::Solve  ) 

All computation is performed during the call to Solve().

Factor controls whether or not the matrix should be factored prior to the solve. Default is true.

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