Anasazi File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AnasaziBasicEigenproblem.hppBasic implementation of the Anasazi::Eigenproblem class
AnasaziBasicSort.hppBasic implementation of the Anasazi::SortManager class
AnasaziBlockDavidson.hppImplementation of the block Davidson method
AnasaziBlockKrylovSchur.hppImplementation of the block Krylov-Schur method
AnasaziConfigDefs.hppAnasazi header file which uses auto-configuration information to include necessary C++ headers
AnasaziEigenproblem.hppAbstract base class which defines the interface required by an eigensolver and status test class to compute solutions to an eigenproblem
AnasaziEigensolver.hppPure virtual base class which describes the basic interface to the iterative eigensolver
AnasaziEpetraAdapter.hppImplementations of Anasazi multi-vector and operator classes using Epetra_MultiVector and Epetra_Operator classes
AnasaziLOBPCG.hppImplementation of the locally-optimal block preconditioned conjugate gradient method
AnasaziModalSolverUtils.hppClass which provides internal utilities for the Anasazi modal solvers
AnasaziMultiVec.hppTemplated virtual class for creating multi-vectors that can interface with the Anasazi::MultiVecTraits class
AnasaziMultiVecTraits.hppVirtual base class which defines basic traits for the multi-vector type
AnasaziOperator.hppTemplated virtual class for creating operators that can interface with the Anasazi::OperatorTraits class
AnasaziOperatorTraits.hppVirtual base class which defines basic traits for the operator type
AnasaziOutputManager.hppBasic output manager for sending information of select verbosity levels to the appropriate output stream
AnasaziReturnType.hppEnumerated type used to pass back information from the eigensolver or linear algebra interfaces
AnasaziSortManager.hppVirtual base class which defines the interface between an eigensolver and a class whose job is the sorting of the computed eigenvalues
AnasaziVersion.cppVersion function that will return the current version of Anasazi being utilized

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