EpetraExt::Migrate< KT, DT > Class Template Reference

#include <EpetraExt_Migrate.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< KT, Teuchos::RefCountPtr<
DT > > 
typedef DataMap::iterator DataMapIter
typedef DataMap::const_iterator DataMapCIter
typedef DataMap::value_type DataPair
typedef std::vector< KT > KeyList
typedef KeyList::iterator KeyListIter
typedef KeyList::const_iterator KeyListCIter
typedef std::vector< int > ProcList
typedef ProcList::iterator ProcListIter
typedef std::vector< char > Buffer

Public Member Functions

 Migrate (Epetra_Comm &comm)
void operator() (std::vector< int > const &pList, std::vector< KT > const &iKeys, std::vector< KT > &oKeys)
void operator() (std::vector< int > const &pList, std::map< KT, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< DT > > const &iData, std::multimap< KT, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< DT > > &oData)
void rvs (std::vector< int > const &pList, std::vector< KT > const &keys, std::map< KT, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< DT > > &iData, std::map< KT, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< DT > > &oData)

Protected Attributes

char * imports_
int importSize_
Buffer exports_

Detailed Description

template<typename KT, typename DT>
class EpetraExt::Migrate< KT, DT >

Data Migration Utility used by EpetraExt::Directory

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