LOCA::Eigensolver::DefaultStrategy Class Reference

Default eigensolver strategy. More...

#include <LOCA_Eigensolver_DefaultStrategy.H>

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Public Member Functions

 DefaultStrategy (const Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::GlobalData > &global_data, const Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::Parameter::SublistParser > &topParams, const Teuchos::RefCountPtr< NOX::Parameter::List > &eigenParams)
virtual ~DefaultStrategy ()
virtual NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType computeEigenvalues (NOX::Abstract::Group &group, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< std::vector< double > > &evals_r, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< std::vector< double > > &evals_i, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< NOX::Abstract::MultiVector > &evecs_r, Teuchos::RefCountPtr< NOX::Abstract::MultiVector > &evecs_i)
 Compute eigenvalues/eigenvectors.

Protected Attributes

Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::GlobalDataglobalData
 Global data.

Detailed Description

Default eigensolver strategy.

This class implements a default eigensolver strategy that does not compute any eigenvalues.

Member Function Documentation

NOX::Abstract::Group::ReturnType LOCA::Eigensolver::DefaultStrategy::computeEigenvalues NOX::Abstract::Group group,
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< std::vector< double > > &  evals_r,
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< std::vector< double > > &  evals_i,
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< NOX::Abstract::MultiVector > &  evecs_r,
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< NOX::Abstract::MultiVector > &  evecs_i

Compute eigenvalues/eigenvectors.

The implementation here does nothing and always returns NOX::Abstract::Group::Ok. Note that this implies the returned ref-count pointers are null.

Implements LOCA::Eigensolver::AbstractStrategy.

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