LOCA::Epetra::ShiftInvertOperator Class Reference

Epetra operator for $(J-\sigma M)^{-1}$. More...

#include <LOCA_Epetra_ShiftInvertOperator.H>

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Public Member Functions

 ShiftInvertOperator (const LOCA::EpetraNew::Group &grp, const Epetra_Operator &jac, const double &shift, bool hasMassMatrix)
virtual ~ShiftInvertOperator ()
virtual int SetUseTranspose (bool UseTranspose)
 Set transpose.
virtual int Apply (const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
 Apply shifted operator.
virtual int ApplyInverse (const Epetra_MultiVector &X, Epetra_MultiVector &Y) const
 Apply shifted operator inverse.
virtual double NormInf () const
 Computing infinity norm.
virtual const char * Label () const
virtual bool UseTranspose () const
virtual bool HasNormInf () const
 Have norm-inf.
virtual const Epetra_CommComm () const
 Returns a pointer to the Epetra_Comm communicator associated with this operator.
virtual const Epetra_MapOperatorDomainMap () const
 Returns the Epetra_Map object associated with the domain of this operator.
virtual const Epetra_MapOperatorRangeMap () const
 Returns the Epetra_Map object associated with the range of this operator.

Protected Attributes

const LOCA::EpetraNew::Grouplocagrp
 LOCA group.
const Epetra_OperatorjacOper
 Jacobian operator.
const double & shift_
 Shift value.
bool massMatrix
 Do we have a mass matrix?
const char * Label_

Detailed Description

Epetra operator for $(J-\sigma M)^{-1}$.

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