LOCA::Stepper Class Reference

Implementation of LOCA::Abstract::Iterator for computing points along a continuation curve. More...

#include <LOCA_Stepper.H>

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Public Member Functions

 Stepper (LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroup &initialGuess, NOX::StatusTest::Generic &t, NOX::Parameter::List &p)
 Stepper (LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroup &initialGuess, NOX::StatusTest::Generic &t, NOX::Parameter::List &p, const Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::Abstract::Factory > &userFactory)
 Constructor with user-provided factory.
virtual ~Stepper ()
virtual bool reset (LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroup &initialGuess, NOX::StatusTest::Generic &t, NOX::Parameter::List &p)
 Reset the Stepper to start a new continuation run.
virtual LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroupgetSolutionGroup ()
 Return the current solution group.
virtual LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroupgetBifurcationGroup ()
 Return the current bifurcation group.
virtual const NOX::Parameter::ListgetParameterList () const
 Return the output parameters from the stepper algorithm.
virtual const NOX::Solver::GenericgetSolver () const
 Return the current nonlinear solver pointer.

Protected Member Functions

virtual LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::IteratorStatus start ()
 Intialize iterator.
virtual LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::IteratorStatus finish (LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::IteratorStatus iteratorStatus)
 Finalize iterator.
virtual LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus preprocess (LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus stepStatus)
 Preprocess step.
virtual LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus compute (LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus stepStatus)
 Compute step.
virtual LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus postprocess (LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus stepStatus)
 Postprocess step.
virtual LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::IteratorStatus stop (LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus stepStatus)
 Check stopping criteria.
LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus computeStepSize (LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus stepStatus, double &stepSize)
 Compute a new step size based on results from the previous step.
virtual void printInitializationInfo ()
 Print to the screen the initialization information.
virtual void printStartStep ()
 Print to the screen information for the beginning of a new continuation step.
virtual void printEndStep (LOCA::Abstract::Iterator::StepStatus stepStatus)
 Print to the screen information for the end of a successful continuation step.
virtual void printEndInfo ()
 Print to the screen the concluding information.
virtual bool withinThreshold ()
 Checks to see if continuation parameter is within threshold of bound.

Protected Attributes

Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::GlobalDataglobalData
 Global data.
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::Abstract::Factoryfactory
 User-provided factory.
bool haveFactory
 Flag indicating whether we have a user-provided factory.
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::Eigensolver::AbstractStrategyeigensolver
 Eigensolver for computing eigenvalues after each continuation.
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< LOCA::SaveEigenData::AbstractStrategysaveEigenData
 Strategy for saving eigenvectors/values.
 Bifurcation group manager.
 Pointer to bifurcation group.
 Continuation group manager.
 Pointer to the Group with the initial guess for the nonlinear solver. This is used for resetting the nonlinear solver in between successful steps.
 Pointer to the a Group with the solution for the previous continuation step. This is used for resetting the nonlinear solver in between failed steps.
 Pointer to the status test.
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< NOX::Parameter::ListparamListPtr
 Pointer to parameter list passed in constructor/reset method.
 Solver (a.k.a corrector).
 Current predictor direction.
 previous predictor direction
 Step size manager.
double startValue
 Starting value of continuation parameter, $\lambda_b $.
double maxValue
 Largest allowable value of continuation parameter.
double minValue
 Smallest allowable value of continuation parameter.
double stepSize
 Current step size (change in the continuation parameter), $\Delta \lambda_i $.
int maxNonlinearSteps
 Maximum number of newton iterations per continuation step,$ N_{max} $. Defaults to 15.
double targetValue
 Target parameter value for last step (either maxValue or minValue).
bool isTargetStep
 Flag indicating if this is an extra step to hit target value.
bool doTangentFactorScaling
 Flag indicating whether to do tangent factor step size scaling.
double tangentFactor
 Tangent factor.
double minTangentFactor
 Minimum tangent factor.
double tangentFactorExponent
 Tangent factor exponent.
bool calcEigenvalues
 Flag indicating whether to compute eigenvalues after eachs step.

Detailed Description

Implementation of LOCA::Abstract::Iterator for computing points along a continuation curve.

The Stepper class implements the pure virtual methods of the LOCA::Abstract::Iterator for iteratively computing points along a continuation curve.

Member Function Documentation

LOCA::Continuation::AbstractGroup & LOCA::Stepper::getBifurcationGroup  )  [virtual]

Return the current bifurcation group.

If the current bifurcation method is "None", then the returned group is the same as getSolutionGroup(), otherwise this method returns the current bifurcation group (e.g., a turning point group).

const NOX::Solver::Generic & LOCA::Stepper::getSolver  )  const [virtual]

Return the current nonlinear solver pointer.

Will throw an error if the solver does not exist yet.

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