NOX::Epetra::SharedOperator Class Reference

Shared operator object for NOX::Epetra::Group objects. More...

#include <NOX_Epetra_SharedOperator.H>

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Public Member Functions

 SharedOperator (Epetra_Operator &m)
 ~SharedOperator ()
Epetra_OperatorgetOperator (const Group *newowner)
 Get a non-const reference to the underlying matrix (an epetra operator).
const Epetra_OperatorgetOperator () const
 Return a const reference to the Jacobian.
bool isOwner (const Group *grp) const
 Return true if grp is the owner of the Jacobian.
bool setOperator (Epetra_Operator &m)
 RPP: This is a hack that is needed to get MPSalsa running. I will remove this when the Epetra_Vbr is fixed to get a matrix "View" with Aztec2Petra. Essentially, this function allows the underlying Epetra_Operator to be changed. We need this if the operator is destroyed and a new one is created during the NOX::Epetra::Interface::computeJacobian() call.

Protected Attributes

 Pointer to Epetra Jacobian matrix.
const Groupowner
 Pointer to const group that owns Jacobian.

Detailed Description

Shared operator object for NOX::Epetra::Group objects.

Due to the size of certain operators (i.e. the Jacobian and Preconditioning Matrices), we cannot afford to have multiple copies. Instead we implement a shared operator class that that all groups use.

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