NOX::Parameter::Rcp Class Reference

Implementation of NOX::Parameter::Arbitrary to ref-count pointers. More...

#include <NOX_Parameter_Rcp.H>

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Public Member Functions

template<typename T>
 Rcp (const Teuchos::RefCountPtr< T > &ptr)
 Constructor, non-const reference.
 Rcp (const Teuchos::any &otherData)
 Constructor taking Teuchos::any.
 Rcp (const Rcp &src)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~Rcp ()
virtual Arbitraryclone () const
 Clone a exact replica of yourself and pass back a pointer.
virtual const string & getType () const
 Get a short descriptive string describing the Arbitrary object.
virtual ostream & print (ostream &stream, int indent=0) const
 Print out detailed information describing the Arbitrary object.
template<typename T>
bool isType () const
 Return whether stored data type is RefCountPtr<T>.
template<typename T>
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< T > getRcp () const
 Return stored pointer.

Protected Attributes

Teuchos::any data
 Teuchos any container.
string type_string
 Type name for Arbitrary.

Detailed Description

Implementation of NOX::Parameter::Arbitrary to ref-count pointers.

Rcp is an implementation of NOX::Parameter::Arbitrary to allow passing of ref-count pointers through parameter lists. It uses Teuchos::any to store the ref-count pointer in a type-safe manner.

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