NOX::StatusTest::MaxIters Class Reference

Failure test based on the maximum number of nonlinear solver iterations. More...

#include <NOX_StatusTest_MaxIters.H>

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Public Member Functions

 MaxIters (int maxIterations)
 Constructor. Specify the maximum number of nonlinear solver iterations, $k_{\max}$.
virtual ~MaxIters ()
virtual NOX::StatusTest::StatusType checkStatus (const NOX::Solver::Generic &problem)
 Test the stopping criterion
virtual NOX::StatusTest::StatusType checkStatusEfficiently (const NOX::Solver::Generic &problem, NOX::StatusTest::CheckType checkType)
 Test the stopping criterion efficiently
virtual NOX::StatusTest::StatusType getStatus () const
 Return the result of the most recent checkStatus call.
virtual ostream & print (ostream &stream, int indent=0) const
 Output formatted description of stopping test to output stream.
virtual int getMaxIters () const
 Returns the Maximum number of iterations set in the constructor.
virtual int getNumIters () const
 Returns the current number of iterations taken by the solver.

Detailed Description

Failure test based on the maximum number of nonlinear solver iterations.

Let $k$ denote the current number of iterations (accessed via NOX::Solver::getNumIterations) and $k_{\max}$ denote the tolerance set in the constructor of this status test. This test returns NOX::StatusTest::Failed if $ k \geq k_{\rm max}. $ Otherwise, it returns NOX::StatusTest::Unconverged.

If checkStatus is called with the type set to NOX::StatusTest::None, it then the status is set to to NOX::Status::Unevaluated and returned. (Also #niters is set to -1.)

Member Function Documentation

NOX::StatusTest::StatusType NOX::StatusTest::MaxIters::checkStatusEfficiently const NOX::Solver::Generic problem,
NOX::StatusTest::CheckType  checkType

Test the stopping criterion efficiently

The test can (and should, if possible) be skipped if checkType is NOX::StatusType::None. If the test is skipped, then the status should be set to NOX::StatusTest::Unevaluated.

Reimplemented from NOX::StatusTest::Generic.

int NOX::StatusTest::MaxIters::getNumIters  )  const [virtual]

Returns the current number of iterations taken by the solver.

Returns -1 if the status of this test is NOX::StatusTest::Unevaluated.

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