Teuchos - Trilinos Tools Package Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Teuchos::AbstractFactory< T >Simple, universal "Abstract Factory" interface for the dynamic creation of objects
Teuchos::AbstractFactoryStd< T_itfc, T_impl, T_PostMod, T_Allocator >Simple, templated concrete subclass of universal "Abstract Factory" interface for the creation of objects
Teuchos::AllocatorNew< T_impl >Default allocation policy class for AbstractFactoryStd which returns new T_impl()
Teuchos::anyModified boost::any class, which is a container for a templated value
Teuchos::Array< T >Array is a templated array class derived from the STL vector, but with index boundschecking and an extended interface
Teuchos::ArrayArg< N, T >Utility class that allows arrays to be passed into argument list
Teuchos::bad_any_castThrown if any_cast is attempted between two incompatable types
Teuchos::basic_oblackholestream< _CharT, _Traits >
Teuchos::BLAS< OrdinalType, ScalarType >The Templated BLAS Wrapper Class
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessorClass that helps parse command line input arguments from (argc,argv[]) and set options
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor::HelpPrintedThrown if --help was specified and throwExceptions==true
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor::ParseErrorThrown if a parse exception occurs and throwExceptions==true
Teuchos::CommandLineProcessor::UnrecognizedOptionThrown if an unrecognized option was found and throwExceptions==true
Teuchos::CompileTimeAssert< Test >If instantiated (for Test!=0) then this should not compile!
Teuchos::CompileTimeAssert< 0 >If instantiated (i.e. Test==0) then this will compile!
Teuchos::CompObjectFunctionality and data that is common to all computational classes
Teuchos::DeallocArrayDelete< T >Deallocator for new [] which calls delete []
Teuchos::DeallocBoostSharedPtr< T >Teuchos::RefCountPtr Deallocator class that wraps a boost::shared_ptr
Teuchos::DeallocDelete< T >Deallocator for new which calls delete
Teuchos::DescribableBase class for all objects that can describe themselves and their current state
Teuchos::DescribableStreamManipulatorStateDescribable stream manipulator state
Teuchos::FileInputSourceInstantiation of XMLInputSource class for reading XML from a file
Teuchos::FileInputStreamInstantiation of XMLInputStream class for reading an entire document from a file
Teuchos::FlopsThe Teuchos Floating Point Operations Class
Teuchos::HashPair< Key, Value >Helper class for Teuchos::Hashtable, representing a single <key, value> pair
Teuchos::HashSet< Key >Templated hashtable-based set
Teuchos::Hashtable< Key, Value >Templated hashtable class
Teuchos::HashUtilsUtilities for generating hashcodes
Teuchos::LAPACK< OrdinalType, ScalarType >The Templated LAPACK Wrapper Class
Teuchos::mapThis class creates a basic map object for platforms where the std::map is deficient, otherwise the std::map is injected into the Teuchos namespace
Teuchos::MPICommObject representation of an MPI communicator
Teuchos::MPIContainerComm< T >Object representation of an MPI communicator for templated containers
Teuchos::MPISessionThis class provides methods for initializing, finalizing, and querying the global MPI session
Teuchos::MPITraits< T >Templated traits class that binds MPI types to C++ types
Teuchos::ObjectThe base Teuchos class
Teuchos::OrdinalTraits< T >This structure defines some basic traits for the ordinal field type
Teuchos::ParameterEntryThis object is held as the "value" in the Teuchos::ParameterList map
Teuchos::ParameterListThe Teuchos::ParameterList class provides a templated parameter list
Teuchos::PostModNothing< T_impl >Default post-modification policy class for AbstractFactorStd which does nothing!
Teuchos::PrimitiveTypeTraits< T >A templated traits class for decomposing object into an array of primitive objects
Teuchos::RawMPITraits< T >Templated traits class that allows a datatype to be used with MPI that MPI can directly handle
Teuchos::RawWorkspaceEncapulsation object for raw temporary workspace that has been allocated. These objects can only be created on the stack and should not be included as the member of any other classes
Teuchos::RefCountPtr< T >
Teuchos::RefCountPtrDeleter< T >boost::shared_ptr deleter class that wraps a Teuchos::RefCountPtr
Teuchos::ScalarTraits< T >This structure defines some basic traits for a scalar field type
Teuchos::SerialDenseMatrix< OrdinalType, ScalarType >This class creates and provides basic support for dense rectangular matrix of templated type
Teuchos::SerialDenseVector< OrdinalType, ScalarType >This class creates and provides basic support for dense vectors of templated type as a specialization of Teuchos::SerialDenseMatrix. Additional methods for the SerialDenseVector class, like mathematical methods, can be found documented in SerialDenseMatrix
Teuchos::StringInputSourceInstantiation of XMLInputSource class for reading XML from a string
Teuchos::StringInputStreamInstantiation of XMLInputStream for reading an entire document from a string
Teuchos::StrUtilsProvides string manipulation utilities that are not provided in the standard C++ string class
Teuchos::TimeBasic wall-clock timer class
Teuchos::TimeMonitorA timer class that starts when constructed and stops when the destructor is called
Teuchos::TreeBuildingXMLHandlerTreeBuildingXMLHandler assembles a XMLObject from your XML input
Teuchos::UtilsThis class provides some basic string and floating-point utilities for Teuchos
Teuchos::Workspace< T >Templated class for workspace creation
Teuchos::WorkspaceStoreWorkspace encapsulation class
Teuchos::WorkspaceStoreInitializeableWorkspaceStore class that can be used to actually reinitialize memory
Teuchos::XMLInputSourceXMLInputSource represents a source of XML input that can be parsed to produce an XMLObject
Teuchos::XMLInputStreamXMLInputStream represents an XML input stream that can be used by a XMLInputSource
Teuchos::XMLObjectRepresentation of an XML data tree. XMLObject is a ref-counted handle to a XMLObjectImplem object, allowing storage by reference
Teuchos::XMLObjectImplemThe XMLObjectImplem class takes care of the low-level implementation details of XMLObject
Teuchos::XMLParameterListReaderWrites an XML object to a parameter list
Teuchos::XMLParameterListWriterWrites a ParameterList to an XML object

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