sputils.c File Reference

#include "spconfig.h"
#include "spmatrix.h"
#include "spdefs.h"

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#define Col_debug   -1
#define Row_debug   -1
#define NORM(a)   (nr = ABS((a).Real), ni = ABS((a).Imag), MAX (nr,ni))


void spExpandFormat (MatrixPtr)
int CountTwins (MatrixPtr, int, ElementPtr *, ElementPtr *)
void SwapCols (MatrixPtr, ElementPtr, ElementPtr)
void ScaleComplexMatrix (MatrixPtr, RealVector, RealVector)
void ComplexMatrixMultiply (MatrixPtr, RealVector, RealVector, RealVector, RealVector)
void ComplexTransposedMatrixMultiply (MatrixPtr, RealVector, RealVector, RealVector, RealVector)
RealNumber ComplexCondition (MatrixPtr, RealNumber, int *)
int f_ind (MatrixPtr, int, int)
void spCheckInd (MatrixPtr, char *)
void spMNA_Preorder (char *eMatrix)
void spMultiply (eMatrix, RHS, Solution IMAG_VECTORS) char *eMatrix
 print_row (MatrixPtr, int)
void spStripFills (char *eMatrix, int Step)
void spErrorMessage (char *eMatrix, FILE *Stream, char *Originator)


char * cvs_file_id = "$Id: sputils.c,v 1.1 2003/02/06 18:34:26 rjhoeks Exp $"
int * num_returned_elements
MatrixPtr Matrix
RealVector RHS
RealVector Solution IMAG_VECTORS
char * eMatrix
register RealNumberpDeterminant
int * pExponent

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Definition at line 92 of file sputils.c.

#define Col_debug   -1

#define Row_debug   -1

#define NORM  )     (nr = ABS((a).Real), ni = ABS((a).Imag), MAX (nr,ni))

Function Documentation

void spExpandFormat MatrixPtr   ) 

int CountTwins MatrixPtr  ,
int  ,
ElementPtr ,

Definition at line 414 of file sputils.c.

void SwapCols MatrixPtr  ,
ElementPtr  ,

Definition at line 460 of file sputils.c.

void ScaleComplexMatrix MatrixPtr  ,
RealVector  ,

void ComplexMatrixMultiply MatrixPtr  ,
RealVector  ,
RealVector  ,
RealVector  ,

void ComplexTransposedMatrixMultiply MatrixPtr  ,
RealVector  ,
RealVector  ,
RealVector  ,

RealNumber ComplexCondition MatrixPtr  ,
RealNumber  ,
int * 

int f_ind MatrixPtr  ,
int  ,

void spCheckInd MatrixPtr  ,
char * 

void spMNA_Preorder char *  eMatrix  ) 

Definition at line 351 of file sputils.c.

void spMultiply eMatrix  ,
RHS  ,

print_row MatrixPtr  ,

Definition at line 217 of file spfactor.c.

void spStripFills char *  eMatrix,
int  Step

Definition at line 1350 of file sputils.c.

void spErrorMessage char *  eMatrix,
FILE *  Stream,
char *  Originator

Definition at line 2405 of file sputils.c.

Variable Documentation

char* cvs_file_id = "$Id: sputils.c,v 1.1 2003/02/06 18:34:26 rjhoeks Exp $" [static]

Definition at line 16 of file sputils.c.

ElementPtr* returned_elements

Definition at line 93 of file spalloc.c.

int* num_returned_elements

Definition at line 94 of file spalloc.c.

MatrixPtr Matrix

Definition at line 120 of file sputils.c.

RealVector RHS

Definition at line 1087 of file sputils.c.

RealVector Solution IMAG_VECTORS

Definition at line 1087 of file sputils.c.

char* eMatrix

Definition at line 1199 of file sputils.c.

register RealNumber* pDeterminant

Definition at line 1200 of file sputils.c.

int* pExponent

Definition at line 1201 of file sputils.c.

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