Amesos_Pardiso Class Reference

Amesos_Pardiso: Interface to the PARDISO package. More...

#include <Amesos_Pardiso.h>

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Public Member Functions

Constructor methods
 Amesos_Pardiso (const Epetra_LinearProblem &LinearProblem)
 ~Amesos_Pardiso ()
Mathematical functions.
int SymbolicFactorization ()
 Performs SymbolicFactorization on the matrix A.
int NumericFactorization ()
 Performs NumericFactorization on the matrix A.
int Solve ()
 Solves A X = B (or AT X = B).
Additional methods required to support the Epetra_Operator interface.
const Epetra_LinearProblemGetProblem () const
 Get a pointer to the Problem.
bool MatrixShapeOK () const
 Returns true if PARDISO can handle this matrix shape.
int SetUseTranspose (bool UseTranspose)
bool UseTranspose () const
 Returns the current UseTranspose setting.
const Epetra_CommComm () const
 Returns a pointer to the Epetra_Comm communicator associated with this matrix.
int SetParameters (Teuchos::ParameterList &ParameterList)
 Set parameters from the input parameters list, returns 0 if successful.
int NumSymbolicFact () const
 Returns the number of symbolic factorizations performed by this object.
int NumNumericFact () const
 Returns the number of numeric factorizations performed by this object.
int NumSolve () const
 Returns the number of solves performed by this object.
void PrintTiming () const
 Prints timing information.
void PrintStatus () const
 Prints information about the factorization and solution phases.
void GetTiming (Teuchos::ParameterList &TimingParameterList) const
 Extracts timing information from the current solver and places it in the parameter list.

Detailed Description

Amesos_Pardiso: Interface to the PARDISO package.

Marzio Sala, SNL 9214
Last updated on June 2005

Member Function Documentation

bool Amesos_Pardiso::MatrixShapeOK  )  const [virtual]

Returns true if PARDISO can handle this matrix shape.

Returns true if the matrix shape is one that PARDISO can handle. PARDISO only works with square matrices.

Implements Amesos_BaseSolver.

int Amesos_Pardiso::SetUseTranspose bool  UseTranspose  )  [inline, virtual]


If SetUseTranspose() is set to true, $A^T X = B$ is computed.

Implements Amesos_BaseSolver.

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