Amesos to Thyra Linear Solver Adapter Code


class  Thyra::AmesosLinearOpWithSolve
 Concrete LinearOpWithSolveBase subclass that adapts any Amesos_BaseSolver object. More...
class  Thyra::AmesosLinearOpWithSolveFactory
 Concrete LinearOpWithSolveFactoryBase adapter subclass that uses Amesos direct solvers. More...


enum  Thyra::Amesos::ESolverType { Thyra::Amesos::LAPACK }
enum  Thyra::Amesos::ERefactorizationPolicy { Thyra::Amesos::REPIVOT_ON_REFACTORIZATION, Thyra::Amesos::NO_PIVOT_ON_REFACTORIZATION }
 The policy used on refactoring a matrix. More...


const char * Thyra::Amesos::toString (const ESolverType solverType)
const char * Thyra::Amesos::toString (const ERefactorizationPolicy refactorizationPolicy)


const int Thyra::Amesos::numSolverTypes = 1
const ESolverType Thyra::Amesos::solverTypeValues [numSolverTypes]
const char * Thyra::Amesos::solverTypeNames [numSolverTypes]
const bool Thyra::Amesos::supportsUnsymmetric [numSolverTypes]
Teuchos::StringToIntMap Thyra::Amesos::solverTypeNameToEnumMap
const int Thyra::Amesos::numRefactorizationPolices = 2
const ERefactorizationPolicy Thyra::Amesos::refactorizationPolicyValues [numRefactorizationPolices]
Teuchos::StringToIntMap Thyra::Amesos::refactorizationPolicyNameToEnumMap

Detailed Description



Enumeration Type Documentation

enum ESolverType

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 44 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.hpp.

enum ERefactorizationPolicy

The policy used on refactoring a matrix.

Enumeration values:
REPIVOT_ON_REFACTORIZATION  Completely new pivoting will be used on refactorizations!
NO_PIVOT_ON_REFACTORIZATION  No piviting, or only minor repivoting, will be used on refactorizations!

Definition at line 149 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.hpp.

Function Documentation

const char* toString const ESolverType  solverType  )  [inline]

Definition at line 138 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.hpp.

const char* toString const ERefactorizationPolicy  refactorizationPolicy  )  [inline]

Definition at line 170 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.hpp.

Variable Documentation

const int Thyra::Amesos::numSolverTypes = 1

Definition at line 84 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.hpp.

const Amesos::ESolverType Thyra::Amesos::solverTypeValues

Definition at line 35 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.cpp.

const char * Thyra::Amesos::solverTypeNames

Definition at line 73 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.cpp.

const bool Thyra::Amesos::supportsUnsymmetric

Definition at line 111 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.cpp.

Teuchos::StringToIntMap Thyra::Amesos::solverTypeNameToEnumMap

const int Thyra::Amesos::numRefactorizationPolices = 2

Definition at line 157 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.hpp.

const Amesos::ERefactorizationPolicy Thyra::Amesos::refactorizationPolicyValues

Initial value:

Definition at line 156 of file Thyra_AmesosTypes.cpp.

Teuchos::StringToIntMap Thyra::Amesos::refactorizationPolicyNameToEnumMap

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