Epetra_CrsGraphData Class Reference

Epetra_CrsGraphData: The Epetra CrsGraph Data Class. More...

#include <Epetra_CrsGraphData.h>

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Constructor/Destructor Methods

 Epetra_CrsGraphData (Epetra_DataAccess CV, const Epetra_BlockMap &RowMap, bool StaticProfile)
 Epetra_CrsGraphData Default Constructor.
 Epetra_CrsGraphData (Epetra_DataAccess CV, const Epetra_BlockMap &RowMap, const Epetra_BlockMap &ColMap, bool StaticProfile)
 Epetra_CrsGraphData Constructor (user provided ColMap).
 Epetra_CrsGraphData (const Epetra_CrsGraphData &CrsGraphData)
 Epetra_CrsGraphData copy constructor (not defined).
 ~Epetra_CrsGraphData ()
 Epetra_CrsGraphData Destructor.

Helper methods called in CrsGraph. Mainly memory allocations and deallocations.

int MakeImportExport ()
 called by FillComplete (and TransformToLocal)
int ReAllocateAndCast (char *&UserPtr, int &Length, const int IntPacketSizeTimesNumTrans)
 called by PackAndPrepare

Private Member Functions

void Print (ostream &os, int level=3) const
 Outputs state of almost all data members. (primarily used for testing purposes).
Epetra_CrsGraphDataoperator= (const Epetra_CrsGraphData &CrsGraphData)
 Epetra_CrsGraphData assignment operator (not defined).

Private Attributes

Epetra_BlockMap RowMap_
Epetra_BlockMap ColMap_
Epetra_BlockMap DomainMap_
Epetra_BlockMap RangeMap_
const Epetra_ImportImporter_
const Epetra_ExportExporter_
bool HaveColMap_
bool Filled_
bool Allocated_
bool Sorted_
bool StorageOptimized_
bool NoRedundancies_
bool IndicesAreGlobal_
bool IndicesAreLocal_
bool IndicesAreContiguous_
bool LowerTriangular_
bool UpperTriangular_
bool NoDiagonal_
bool GlobalConstantsComputed_
bool StaticProfile_
int IndexBase_
int NumGlobalEntries_
int NumGlobalBlockRows_
int NumGlobalBlockCols_
int NumGlobalBlockDiagonals_
int NumMyEntries_
int NumMyBlockRows_
int NumMyBlockCols_
int NumMyBlockDiagonals_
int MaxRowDim_
int MaxColDim_
int GlobalMaxRowDim_
int GlobalMaxColDim_
int MaxNumNonzeros_
int GlobalMaxNumNonzeros_
int NumGlobalNonzeros_
int NumGlobalRows_
int NumGlobalCols_
int NumGlobalDiagonals_
int NumMyNonzeros_
int NumMyRows_
int NumMyCols_
int NumMyDiagonals_
int MaxNumIndices_
int GlobalMaxNumIndices_
int ** Indices_
Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector NumAllocatedIndicesPerRow_
Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector NumIndicesPerRow_
Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector IndexOffset_
Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector All_Indices_
Epetra_DataAccess CV_


class Epetra_CrsGraph

Detailed Description

Epetra_CrsGraphData: The Epetra CrsGraph Data Class.

The Epetra_CrsGraphData class is an implementation detail of Epetra_CrsGraph. It is reference-counted, and can be shared by multiple Epetra_CrsGraph instances. It derives from Epetra_Data, and inherits reference-counting from it.

Definition at line 48 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Epetra_CrsGraphData::Epetra_CrsGraphData Epetra_DataAccess  CV,
const Epetra_BlockMap RowMap,
bool  StaticProfile

Epetra_CrsGraphData Default Constructor.

Definition at line 36 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.cpp.

Epetra_CrsGraphData::Epetra_CrsGraphData Epetra_DataAccess  CV,
const Epetra_BlockMap RowMap,
const Epetra_BlockMap ColMap,
bool  StaticProfile

Epetra_CrsGraphData Constructor (user provided ColMap).

Definition at line 97 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.cpp.

Epetra_CrsGraphData::Epetra_CrsGraphData const Epetra_CrsGraphData CrsGraphData  )  [private]

Epetra_CrsGraphData copy constructor (not defined).

Epetra_CrsGraphData::~Epetra_CrsGraphData  )  [private]

Epetra_CrsGraphData Destructor.

Definition at line 160 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void Epetra_CrsGraphData::Print ostream &  os,
int  level = 3
const [private]

Outputs state of almost all data members. (primarily used for testing purposes).

Output level: Uses same scheme as chmod. 4-bit = BlockMaps, 2-bit = Indices, 1-bit = Everything else. Default paramenter sets it to 3, which is everything but the BlockMaps. Commonly used options: 1 = Everything except the BlockMaps & Indices_ 2 = Just Indices_ 3 = Everything except the BlockMaps

Definition at line 224 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.cpp.

Epetra_CrsGraphData& Epetra_CrsGraphData::operator= const Epetra_CrsGraphData CrsGraphData  )  [private]

Epetra_CrsGraphData assignment operator (not defined).

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::MakeImportExport  )  [private]

called by FillComplete (and TransformToLocal)

Definition at line 189 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.cpp.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::ReAllocateAndCast char *&  UserPtr,
int &  Length,
const int  IntPacketSizeTimesNumTrans

called by PackAndPrepare

Definition at line 212 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.cpp.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Epetra_CrsGraph [friend]

Definition at line 49 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Member Data Documentation

Epetra_BlockMap Epetra_CrsGraphData::RowMap_ [private]

Definition at line 94 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_BlockMap Epetra_CrsGraphData::ColMap_ [private]

Definition at line 95 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_BlockMap Epetra_CrsGraphData::DomainMap_ [private]

Definition at line 96 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_BlockMap Epetra_CrsGraphData::RangeMap_ [private]

Definition at line 97 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

const Epetra_Import* Epetra_CrsGraphData::Importer_ [private]

Definition at line 99 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

const Epetra_Export* Epetra_CrsGraphData::Exporter_ [private]

Definition at line 100 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::HaveColMap_ [private]

Definition at line 102 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::Filled_ [private]

Definition at line 103 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::Allocated_ [private]

Definition at line 104 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::Sorted_ [private]

Definition at line 105 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::StorageOptimized_ [private]

Definition at line 106 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::NoRedundancies_ [private]

Definition at line 107 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::IndicesAreGlobal_ [private]

Definition at line 108 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::IndicesAreLocal_ [private]

Definition at line 109 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::IndicesAreContiguous_ [private]

Definition at line 110 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::LowerTriangular_ [private]

Definition at line 111 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::UpperTriangular_ [private]

Definition at line 112 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::NoDiagonal_ [private]

Definition at line 113 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::GlobalConstantsComputed_ [private]

Definition at line 114 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

bool Epetra_CrsGraphData::StaticProfile_ [private]

Definition at line 115 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::IndexBase_ [private]

Definition at line 117 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalEntries_ [private]

Definition at line 119 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalBlockRows_ [private]

Definition at line 120 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalBlockCols_ [private]

Definition at line 121 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalBlockDiagonals_ [private]

Definition at line 122 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyEntries_ [private]

Definition at line 123 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyBlockRows_ [private]

Definition at line 124 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyBlockCols_ [private]

Definition at line 125 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyBlockDiagonals_ [private]

Definition at line 126 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::MaxRowDim_ [private]

Definition at line 128 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::MaxColDim_ [private]

Definition at line 129 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::GlobalMaxRowDim_ [private]

Definition at line 130 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::GlobalMaxColDim_ [private]

Definition at line 131 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::MaxNumNonzeros_ [private]

Definition at line 132 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::GlobalMaxNumNonzeros_ [private]

Definition at line 133 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalNonzeros_ [private]

Definition at line 135 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalRows_ [private]

Definition at line 136 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalCols_ [private]

Definition at line 137 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumGlobalDiagonals_ [private]

Definition at line 138 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyNonzeros_ [private]

Definition at line 139 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyRows_ [private]

Definition at line 140 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyCols_ [private]

Definition at line 141 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumMyDiagonals_ [private]

Definition at line 142 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::MaxNumIndices_ [private]

Definition at line 144 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int Epetra_CrsGraphData::GlobalMaxNumIndices_ [private]

Definition at line 145 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

int** Epetra_CrsGraphData::Indices_ [private]

Definition at line 147 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumAllocatedIndicesPerRow_ [private]

Definition at line 148 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector Epetra_CrsGraphData::NumIndicesPerRow_ [private]

Definition at line 149 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector Epetra_CrsGraphData::IndexOffset_ [private]

Definition at line 150 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector Epetra_CrsGraphData::All_Indices_ [private]

Definition at line 151 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

Epetra_DataAccess Epetra_CrsGraphData::CV_ [private]

Definition at line 152 of file Epetra_CrsGraphData.h.

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