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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GLpApp::AdvDiffReactOptModelPDE-constrained inverse problem based on a 2D discretization of a diffusion/reaction system
GLpApp::AdvDiffReactOptModelCreatorA utility class for creating an AdvDiffReactOptModelCreator/tt> object by reading from the command-line
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_AMDEpetraExt::CrsGraph_AMD: A transform for Approximate Minimum Degree Reordering using Tim Daley's AMD Algorithm
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_BTFBlock Triangular Factorization (Reordering) of Epetra_CrsGraph
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_MapColoringMap Coloring of independent columns in a Graph
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_MapColoringIndexGenerates a std::vector of Epetra_IntVector's to be used to map perturbation contributions to a CrsGraph/CrsMatrix from a perturbed vector
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_OverlapGiven an input Epetra_CrsGraph, a "overlapped" Epetra_CrsGraph is generated including rows associated with off processor contributions
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_SymmRCMGenerates the symmetric RCM reordered version of a Epetra_CrsGraph
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_TransposeTransform to generate the explicit transpose of a Epetra_CrsGraph
EpetraExt::CrsGraph_ViewGenerates a sub-block view of a Epetra_CrsGraph
EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_DirichletGiven an input Epetra_LinearProblem, apply given dirichlet conditions
EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_ReindexGiven an Epetra_CrsMatrix, a "reindexed" version is returned based on the new row map
EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_SolverMapGiven an input Epetra_CrsMatrix, the column map is checked for missing indices associated with the local rows
EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_SubCopyGenerates a sub-block view of a Epetra_CrsMatrix
EpetraExt::CrsMatrix_ViewGenerates a sub-block view of a Epetra_CrsMatrix
GenSQP::DataPoolProvides the interface to a generic data pool
EpetraExt::Directory< KT, DT, DH, AC, MG >Distributed Directory Tool
EpetraExt::DistArray< T >DistArray<T>: A class to store row-oriented multivectors of type T
EpetraExt::EpetraExt_MatlabEngineA class which provides data and command access to Matlab from Epetra
EpetraModelEval2DSimSimple example ModelEvaluator subclass for a 2x2 set of parameterized nonlinear equations
EpetraModelEval4DOptA simple serial example model which includes a parameter subvector and a response function that can be used to define an optimization problem
EpetraExt::Hash< T >
EpetraExt::Hash< std::string >
EpetraExt::HDF5Class HDF5: A class for storing Epetra objects in parallel binary files
EpetraExt::InPlaceTransform< T >
EpetraExt::LinearProblem_CrsSingletonFilterEpetra_CrsSingletonFilter: A class for explicitly eliminating matrix rows and columns
EpetraExt::LinearProblem_GraphTransEpetraExt::LinearProblem_GraphTrans: Adaptation of a Epetra_CrsGraph Transform to a Epetra_LinearProblem Transform
EpetraExt::LinearProblem_MatrixTransAdaptation of an Epetra_CrsMatrix Transform to a Epetra_LinearProblem Transform
EpetraExt::LinearProblem_ReindexGiven and input Epetra_LinearProblem, a "reindexed" version will be returned using the given NewRowMap
EpetraExt::LinearProblem_ScaleGiven an input Epetra_LinearProblem, recursive, left and right scaling are performed
EpetraExt::LinearProblem_SolverMapConstructs a LinearProblem with a "fixed" Column Map for the CrsMatrix
Zoltan::LoadBalanceZoltan::LoadBalance: A class for interfacing the Load Balancing functions of the Zoltan library in a C++/Object Oriented environment
EpetraExt::MatrixMatrixCollection of matrix-matrix operations
EpetraExt::Migrate< KT, DT >Data Migration Utility used by EpetraExt::Directory
EpetraExt::Migrate1< DT >
Zoltan::MigrationObjectZoltan::MigrationObject: A base class from which the user can derive an application specific support class for Zoltan's migration callback functions
EpetraExt::ModelEvaluatorBase interface for evaluating a stateless "model"
EpetraExt::ModelEvaluator::DerivativeSimple aggregate class that stores a derivative object as a general linear operator or as a multi-vector
EpetraExt::ModelEvaluator::DerivativeMultiVectorSimple aggregate class for a derivative object represented as a column-wise multi-vector or its transpose as a row-wise multi-vector
EpetraExt::ModelEvaluator::Evaluation< ObjType >
EpetraExt::MultiVector_ReindexGiven an input Epetra_MultiVector, a "reindexed" view is returned
EpetraExt::MultiVector_ViewGenerates a sub-block view of a Epetra_MultiVector
EpetraExt::PackTraits< T >Traits for packing and unpacking of data into char buffers for communication
EpetraExt::PackTraits< std::string >Full specialization of PackTraits for std::string
EpetraExt::PackTraits< std::vector< T > >Partial specialization of PackTraits for std::vector<> containing a primitive type
EpetraExt::Perm_traits< T >Define some traits to make it easier to deal with template-parameters which are objects to be permuted
EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsGraph >A specialization of Perm_traits for the specific type Epetra_CrsGraph
EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_CrsMatrix >A specialization of Perm_traits for the specific type Epetra_CrsMatrix
EpetraExt::Perm_traits< Epetra_MultiVector >A specialization of Perm_traits for the specific type Epetra_MultiVector
EpetraExt::Permutation< T >Permutation stores and describes a permutation matrix P
Poisson2dOperatorPoisson2dOperator: A sample implementation of the Epetra_Operator class
Teuchos::PolynomialTraits< Epetra_Vector >Specilization of Teuchos::PolynomialTraits for Epetra vectors
EpetraExt::ProductOperatorImplements Epetra_Operator as a product of one or more Epetra_Operator objects
Zoltan::QueryObjectZoltan::QueryObject: A base class from which the user can derive an application specific support class for Zoltan's query callback functions
EpetraExt::RowMatrix_TransposeTransform to form the explicit transpose of a Epetra_RowMatrix
EpetraExt::SameTypeTransform< T >
EpetraExt::StructuralSameTypeTransform< T >
EpetraExt::StructuralTransform< T, U >
EpetraExt::Transform< T, U >Base Class for all Epetra Transform Operators
EpetraExt::Transform_Composite< T >Composition Class for Epetra Transform SameType Operators
GenSQP::VectorProvides the interface to generic abstract vector libraries
EpetraExt::Vector_DirichletGiven an input Epetra_Vector, apply given dirichlet conditions
EpetraExt::ViewTransform< T >
EpetraExt::XMLReaderClass XMLReader: A class for reading Epetra objects stored in XML files
EpetraExt::XMLWriterClass XMLWriter: A class for writing Trilinos objects to XML files
GenSQP::YUEpetraVectorThe GenSQP::Vector / (y,u) Epetra_MultiVector adapter class
EpetraExt::Zoltan_CrsGraphGenerates an Epetra_CrsGraph based on the repartitioning algorithms of Zoltan
EpetraExt::ZoltanMpiCommEpetraExt::ZoltanMpiComm: The Epetra MPI Communication Class
EpetraExt::ZoltanMpiCommDataEpetraExt::ZoltanMpiCommData: The Epetra Mpi Communication Data Class
EpetraExt::ZoltanMpiDistributorEpetraExt::ZoltanMpiDistributor: The Zoltanized Epetra MPI implementation of the Epetra_Distributor Gather/Scatter Setup Class
EpetraExt::ZoltanQueryQuery helper object to be used form Zoltan partitioning/ordering

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