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Isorropia Partitioning/Rebalancing package Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Isorropia::CostDescriberInterface (abstract base class) for describing the weights/costs associated with the vertices and/or edges of the object to be repartitioned and redistributed
Isorropia::Epetra::CostDescriberAn Epetra-specific implementation of Isorropia::CostDescriber
Isorropia::ExceptionA simple extension of std::exception with constructors that accept a message in the form of a 'const char*' or a 'std::string'
Isorropia::PartitionerInterface (abstract base class) for computing a new partitioning and describing the layout of elements in the new partitions
Isorropia::Epetra::PartitionerAn Epetra-specific implementation of the Partitioner interface
Isorropia::RedistributorClass which is constructed with a Partitioner instance, and provides several methods for redistributing Epetra objects given the partitioning computed by the Partitioner object