Kokkos::DenseVector< OrdinalType, ScalarType > Class Template Reference

Kokkos::DenseVector: Kokkos vector base class. More...

#include <Kokkos_DenseVector.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 DenseVector (void)
 Default constructor.
 DenseVector (const DenseVector &source)
 Copy constructor.
virtual ~DenseVector ()
 DenseVector Destructor.
Initialization methods
int initializeValues (OrdinalType length, ScalarType *values, OrdinalType inc=1)
 Initialize using a pointer.
DenseVector access methods.
virtual ScalarType * getValues () const
 Returns a pointer to an array of values in the vector.
DenseVector Attribute access methods.
virtual OrdinalType getLength () const
 Length of vector.
virtual OrdinalType getInc () const
 Increment between entries in the vector, normally = 1.

Public Attributes

bool dataInitialized_
OrdinalType length_
OrdinalType inc_
ScalarType * values_

Detailed Description

template<typename OrdinalType, typename ScalarType>
class Kokkos::DenseVector< OrdinalType, ScalarType >

Kokkos::DenseVector: Kokkos vector base class.

The Kokkos::DenseVector specifies the interface that any vector class interfacing to the Kokkos Operators classes must implement.

At this time, the primary function provided by Kokkos::DenseVector is access to vector data.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename OrdinalType, typename ScalarType>
virtual ScalarType* Kokkos::DenseVector< OrdinalType, ScalarType >::getValues  )  const [inline, virtual]

Returns a pointer to an array of values in the vector.

Extract a pointer to the values in the vector. Note that the values are not copied by this method. Memory allocation is handled by the vector object itself. The getInc() method should be used to access values, especially if getInc() != 1.

Implements Kokkos::Vector< OrdinalType, ScalarType >.

template<typename OrdinalType, typename ScalarType>
int Kokkos::DenseVector< OrdinalType, ScalarType >::initializeValues OrdinalType  length,
ScalarType *  values,
OrdinalType  inc = 1

Initialize using a pointer.

This is the only way to initialize a Kokkos::DenseVector object.

length (In) Length of vector.
values (In) Pointer to values.
inc (In) The increment between two elements in the vector. Typically this value should be set to 1, which is the default value.
Integer error code, set to 0 if successful.

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