ML_Aggregate_Struct Struct Reference

#include <ml_aggregate.h>

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Public Attributes

int ML_id
double print_flag
int max_coarse_size
int ordering
int min_nodes_per_aggregate
int max_neigh_already_selected
double threshold
double curr_threshold
double drop_tol_for_smoothing
int attach_scheme
int spectral_radius_scheme
double smoothP_damping_factor
int smoothP_damping_sweeps
int smoothP_type
int coarsen_scheme
int * coarsen_scheme_level
int num_PDE_eqns
int nullspace_dim
double * nullspace_vect
int nullspace_corrupted
int * aggr_count
int keep_agg_information
int ** aggr_info
int max_levels
int begin_level
int cur_level
double operator_complexity
double fine_complexity
int nvblocks
int * vblock_info
int keep_P_tentative
ML_Operator_Struct ** P_tentative
int smooth_existing_P_tentative
int use_transpose
int Restriction_smoothagg_transpose
void * aggr_options
void * aggr_viz_and_stats
void * field_of_values
int block_scaled_SA
double phase3_agg_creation
double ** nodal_coord
int N_dimensions
void * vblock_data
int minimizing_energy
double minimizing_energy_droptol
double * old_RowOmegas

Detailed Description

definition of the aggregate structure

Member Data Documentation

int* ML_Aggregate_Struct::aggr_count

no. aggregates at each level

int** ML_Aggregate_Struct::aggr_info

node to aggregate map

void* ML_Aggregate_Struct::aggr_options

option about METIS and ParMETIS

void* ML_Aggregate_Struct::aggr_viz_and_stats

only if the user explicitely < requires them

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::attach_scheme

aggregate shape control

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::begin_level

finest grid level

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::block_scaled_SA

= 1 indicates that the prolongator smoother should use block diagonal scaling (blocksize = num_PDE_eqns)

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::coarsen_scheme

Uncoupled, Coupled, MIS

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::cur_level

temporary variable

double ML_Aggregate_Struct::curr_threshold

adjusted for levels

double ML_Aggregate_Struct::drop_tol_for_smoothing


double ML_Aggregate_Struct::fine_complexity

nnz of the finest A

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::keep_agg_information

otherwise: free it

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::keep_P_tentative

keeping tentative prolongator

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::max_coarse_size

maximum size of coarsest grid

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::max_levels

maximum number of levels

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::max_neigh_already_selected

complexity control

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::min_nodes_per_aggregate

aggregate size control

double** ML_Aggregate_Struct::nodal_coord

Coordinates of fine-grid nodes and aggregates

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::nullspace_corrupted

nullspace has been overwritten

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::nullspace_dim


double* ML_Aggregate_Struct::nullspace_vect

for null space vectors

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::num_PDE_eqns

block size

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::nvblocks

for variable blocks (finest)

double ML_Aggregate_Struct::operator_complexity

sum of nnz for all A's

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::ordering

natural, random, graph

struct ML_Operator_Struct** ML_Aggregate_Struct::P_tentative

so it can be reused later.

double ML_Aggregate_Struct::phase3_agg_creation

Steers how the MIS and Uncoupled handle phase 3 of aggregation. Values near 0 create few additional aggregates.Large values create many additional aggregates. Convergence can be improve convergence by new aggregates but nonzero fill-in increases on coarse meshes. Default: .5

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::Restriction_smoothagg_transpose

smoothed aggregation on A^T

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::smooth_existing_P_tentative

already have P tent, don't create it

double ML_Aggregate_Struct::smoothP_damping_factor

for prolongator smoother

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::smoothP_damping_sweeps

#prolongator smoother sweeps

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::smoothP_type

point, block

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::spectral_radius_scheme

way to compute approx maxeigen

double ML_Aggregate_Struct::threshold

for pruning matrix

int ML_Aggregate_Struct::use_transpose

Used to build restriction by doing

void* ML_Aggregate_Struct::vblock_data

holds data structure aggr_vblock

int* ML_Aggregate_Struct::vblock_info

for variable blocks (finest)

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