ML_Operator_Struct Struct Reference

#include <ml_operator.h>

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Public Attributes

int ML_id
ML_Comm * comm
ML_1Level * to
ML_1Level * from
int invec_leng
int outvec_leng
void * data
void(* data_destroy )(void *)
ML_Function * matvec
ML_GetrowFunc * getrow
ML_DVector * diagonal
int N_nonzeros
int max_nz_per_row
int from_an_ml_operator
ML_BdryPts * bc
double build_time
double apply_time
double apply_without_comm_time
int ntimes
int nflop
char * label
int num_PDEs
int num_rigid
double lambda_max
double lambda_min
double lambda_max_img
int N_total_cols_est
int halfclone
ML_Operator_Subspace * subspace
ML_Aux_Data * aux_data
int type

Detailed Description

This data structure defines an enriched operator class for the specification of the discretization matrix, the restriction and the prolongation operator.

Member Data Documentation

ML_Aux_Data* ML_Operator_Struct::aux_data

General container for auxiliary matrix

int ML_Operator_Struct::N_nonzeros

diagonal of matrix.

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