Moertel File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
mrtr_function.HA virtual class to form a shape function of some type
mrtr_functions.HA couple of shape functions for 1D and 2D elements
mrtr_integrator.HA class to perform integration of mass matrices on the overlap of 2 segments in 1D and 2D
mrtr_interface.HA class to construct a single interface
mrtr_manager.HTop level user interface to the mortar package 'Moertel'
mrtr_node.HA class to construct a single node
mrtr_overlap.HA class to compute the overlap polygon of 2 different 2D segments and construct a triangle discretization of the convex hull of that polygon
mrtr_pnode.HA class to construct a projection of a node on some segment
mrtr_point.HA light weight node
mrtr_projector.HA class to perform projections of nodes onto opposing segments in 2D and 3D
mrtr_segment.HA virtual class to serve as base class for different types of interface segmentsconstruct a single interface
mrtr_segment_bilinearquad.HA class to define a 4-noded quadrilateral 2D Segment
mrtr_segment_bilineartri.HA class to define a 3-noded triangle 2D Segment
mrtr_segment_linear1D.HA class to define a 2-noded linear 1D Segment
mrtr_solver.HA class to solve mortar constraint problems
mrtr_utils.HA couple utility methods for the Moertel package
TwoSquares.cppSimple serial example showing Moertel usage and solver interfaces

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