AbstractLinAlgPack_BFGS_helpers.hpp File Reference

#include "AbstractLinAlgPack_Types.hpp"

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namespace  AbstractLinAlgPack

Function Documentation

bool AbstractLinAlgPack::BFGS_sTy_suff_p_d const Vector &  s,
const Vector &  y,
const value_type sTy = NULL,
std::ostream *  out = NULL,
const char  func_name[] = NULL

Check that s'*y is sufficiently positive and print the result if it is not.

s [in] DVector (size n): Secant update vector B*s=y.
y [in] DVector (size n): Secant update vector for B*s=y.
sTy [in] If sTy != NULL then *sTy must contain the value computed from dot(s,y). If sTy == NULL, then this value will be computed internally. This argument is included so that the same computation does not have to be performed more than once by the client and this function.
out [in/out] If out==NULL then no output will be printed if the condition fails. If out!=NULL and the function returns false then a small amount of output will be sent to *out.
func_name [in] The name of the function this is being called from. If the condition is not met then this name in included in the printout to *out. If func_name == NULL then this string will obviously not be printed.
If s'*y >= sqrt(mach_epsilon) * ||s||2 * ||y||2 then this function will return true. Otherwise it will return false.

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