BLAS_Cpp_Types.hpp File Reference

#include "Moocho_ConfigDefs.hpp"

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namespace  BLAS_Cpp


typedef size_t size_type
 Size type.


enum  Side { left, right }
 SIDE. More...
enum  Transp { no_trans, trans, conj_trans }
 TRANS. More...
enum  Uplo { upper, lower }
 UPLO. More...
enum  Diag { unit, nonunit }
 DIAG. More...


Uplo operator! (Uplo uplo)
 Return the opposite of Uplo argument.
Transp bool_to_trans (bool return_trans)
 Return Transp given a bool.
bool trans_to_bool (Transp _trans)
 Returns true if _trans == trans.
Transp operator! (Transp _trans)
 Return the opposite of the transpose argument.
Transp trans_not (Transp _trans)
 Return the opposite of the transpose argument.
Transp trans_trans (Transp _trans1, Transp _trans2)
 Return the transpose of the transpose argument.
const char * trans_to_string (Transp _trans)
 Give a string name to Transp value.
size_type rows (size_type rows, size_type cols, BLAS_Cpp::Transp _trans)
 Return rows of a possible transposed matrix.
size_type cols (size_type rows, size_type cols, BLAS_Cpp::Transp _trans)
 Return columns of a possible transposed matrix.

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