ConstrainedOptPack_initialize_Q_R_Q_X.hpp File Reference

#include "ConstrainedOptPack_Types.hpp"

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namespace  ConstrainedOptPack


void initialize_Q_R_Q_X (size_type n_R, size_type n_X, const size_type i_x_free[], const size_type i_x_fixed[], bool test_setup, size_type Q_R_row_i[], size_type Q_R_col_j[], GenPermMatrixSlice *Q_R, size_type Q_X_row_i[], size_type Q_X_col_j[], GenPermMatrixSlice *Q_X)
 Initialize GenPermMatrixSlice mapping matrices for Q_R and Q_X.

Function Documentation

void ConstrainedOptPack::initialize_Q_R_Q_X size_type  n_R,
size_type  n_X,
const size_type  i_x_free[],
const size_type  i_x_fixed[],
bool  test_setup,
size_type  Q_R_row_i[],
size_type  Q_R_col_j[],
GenPermMatrixSlice *  Q_R,
size_type  Q_X_row_i[],
size_type  Q_X_col_j[],
GenPermMatrixSlice *  Q_X

Initialize GenPermMatrixSlice mapping matrices for Q_R and Q_X.

n_R [in] Number of free variables
n_X [in] Number of fixed variables
i_x_free [in] array (length n_R) of indices of free variables. If n_R == 0 then i_x_free can be NULL. It is allowed for i_x_free == NULL in which case it is determined to from i_x_fixed[] (if n_X > 0) and i_x_free is assumed to be sorted in assending order.
i_x_fixed [in] array (length n_X) of indices of fixed variables. If n_X == 0 then i_x_fixed can be NULL.
test_setup [in] If true then i_x_free[] and i_x_fixed[] will be validated and if not okay then an exception will be thown.
Q_R_row_i [out] array (length n_R) of row indices for Q_R. If n_R == 0 or i_x_free == NULL and it is known that i_x_fixed[l] > n_R, for l = 0...n_X-1, then Q_R_row_i can be NULL and will not be accessed. If Q_R_row_i != NULL then it will always be set. This array will be sorted in assending order on output if it is set.
Q_R_col_j [out] array (length n_R) of column indices for Q_R. Q_R_col_j can be NULL when Q_R_row_i is NULL. If this array turns out to be sorted then Q_R will be set to Q_R->ordered_by() == BY_ROW_AND_COL
Q_R [out] GenPermMatixSlice object initialized with Q_R_row_i and Q_R_col_j. If n_R == 0 then Q_R will be initialized to (n_X by 0). If it turns out that i_x_free == NULL and Q_R has the identity matrix as its leading nonzero matrix, then Q_R->is_identity() will be true on output. In any case Q_R->ordered_by() will be BY_ROW or BY_ROW_AND_COL on output.
Q_X_row_i [out] array (length n_X) of row indices for Q_X. If n_X == 0 then Q_X_row_i can be NULL and will not be accessed.
Q_X_col_j [out] array (length n_X) of column indices for Q_X If n_X == 0 then Q_X_col_j can be NULL and will not be accessed. If this array turns out to be sorted then Q_X will be set to Q_X->ordered_by() == BY_ROW_AND_COL
Q_X [out] GenPermMatixSlice object initialized with Q_X_row_i and Q_X_col_j If n_X == 0 then Q_X will be initialized to (n_X by 0.) On output Q_X->ordered_by() will be BY_ROW or BY_ROW_AND_COL.

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