IterationPack_print_algorithm_step.hpp File Reference

#include <iosfwd>
#include "IterationPack_Algorithm.hpp"

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namespace  IterationPack


void print_algorithm_step (const Algorithm &algo, Algorithm::poss_type step_poss, EDoStepType type, Algorithm::poss_type assoc_step_poss, std::ostream &out)
 Prints to 'out' the algorithm step.

Function Documentation

void IterationPack::print_algorithm_step const Algorithm &  algo,
Algorithm::poss_type  step_poss,
EDoStepType  type,
Algorithm::poss_type  assoc_step_poss,
std::ostream &  out

Prints to 'out' the algorithm step.

This function can be used by AlgorithmStep subclasses in their AlgorithmStep::print_step() methods to print the header for the algorithm step. This will print the number of the step in the algorithm, its name, and the name of its concreate subclass.

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