MoochoPack_get_init_fixed_free_indep.hpp File Reference

#include "MoochoPack_Types.hpp"

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namespace  MoochoPack


void get_init_fixed_free_indep (const size_type n, const size_type r, const SpVectorSlice &nu_indep, const value_type super_basic_mult_drop_tol, EJournalOutputLevel olevel, std::ostream &out, size_type *n_pz_X, size_type *n_pz_R, size_type i_x_free[], size_type i_x_fixed[], ConstrainedOptPack::EBounds bnd_fixed[])
 Determine the set of initially fixed and free independent variables.

Function Documentation

void MoochoPack::get_init_fixed_free_indep const size_type  n,
const size_type  r,
const SpVectorSlice nu_indep,
const value_type  super_basic_mult_drop_tol,
EJournalOutputLevel  olevel,
std::ostream &  out,
size_type n_pz_X,
size_type n_pz_R,
size_type  i_x_free[],
size_type  i_x_fixed[],
ConstrainedOptPack::EBounds  bnd_fixed[]

Determine the set of initially fixed and free independent variables.

This function will drop all but one of the fixed independent variables whos Lagrange multiplier is above a predefined value.

ToDo: Finish documentation.

n [in] Total number of variables.
r [in] Number of decomposed constraints.
nu_indep [in] Sparse vector (size == n-r) of Lagrange multipliers for the independent variables.
super_basic_mult_drop_tol [in] Tolerance of nu_indep(i)/||nu_indep||inf below which active variables will not be dropped from the superbasis.
olevel [in] Printing level.
out [out] Stream the output is printed to based on olevel.
n_pz_X [out] Number of dropped super basic variables (n_pz_X <=
n_pz_R [out] Number of free super basic variables (n-r == n_pz_R + n_pz_X)
i_x_free [out] Array (size >= n_pz_R) of indices the free independent (superbasic) variables.
i_x_fixed [out] Array (size >= n_pz_X) of indices the droped (nonbasic) variables.
bnd_fixed [out] Array (size >= n_pz_X) of the bounds for the dropped (nonbasic) variables.

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