NLPInterfacePack_test_nlp_direct.hpp File Reference

#include <iosfwd>
#include "NLPInterfacePack_Types.hpp"

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namespace  OptionsFromStreamPack
namespace  NLPInterfacePack


bool test_nlp_direct (NLPDirect *nlp, OptionsFromStreamPack::OptionsFromStream *options, std::ostream *out)
 Test an NLPDirect object.

Function Documentation

bool NLPInterfacePack::test_nlp_direct NLPDirect *  nlp,
OptionsFromStreamPack::OptionsFromStream options,
std::ostream *  out

Test an NLPDirect object.

nlp [in/out] NLP object being tested.
options [in] If options != NULL then the options to use are extracted from *options. If options == NULL then a default set of options will be used that will be appropriate for even the largest NLP (see below).
out [in/out] If out != NULL then output will be set to *out. The amount of output sent to *out depends on the options selected. If out == NULL then no output is produced.
This function uses the testing classes VectorSpaceTester NLPTester and NLPDirectTester to perform many thorough tests of an input NLPDirect object. The vector spaces exposed by NLP are thoroughly tested by the VectorSpaceTester class.

The options groups "VectorSpaceTester" (see VectorSpaceTesterSetOptions), "%NLPTester" (see NLPTesterSetOptions), "%CalcFiniteDiffProd" (see CalcFiniteDiffProdSetOptions) and "%NLPDirectTester" (see NLPDirectTesterSetOptions) are looked for in in *options (if options != NULL) in order to extract options to use for this testing function and the other testing objects.

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