Evaluate the constraints for the example NLP.
[Reduction/Transformation operators for example NLP subclass.]


int RTOp_TOp_explnlp2_c_eval_construct (struct RTOp_RTOp *op)
int RTOp_TOp_explnlp2_c_eval_destroy (struct RTOp_RTOp *op)


const struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t RTOp_TOp_explnlp2_c_eval_vtbl

Detailed Description

z[0](i) <- v[0](i) * (v[1](i) - 1) - 10 * v[1](i), for i = 1...n

This operator is only admits dense vectors and is only defined for num_vecs == 2 and num_targ_vecs == 1.

Function Documentation

int RTOp_TOp_explnlp2_c_eval_construct struct RTOp_RTOp op  ) 


Definition at line 114 of file ExampleNLPDirectRTOps.c.

int RTOp_TOp_explnlp2_c_eval_destroy struct RTOp_RTOp op  ) 


Definition at line 121 of file ExampleNLPDirectRTOps.c.

Variable Documentation

const struct RTOp_RTOp_vtbl_t RTOp_TOp_explnlp2_c_eval_vtbl

Virtual function table

Definition at line 103 of file ExampleNLPDirectRTOps.c.

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