AbstractLinAlgPack::BasisSystemTesterSetOptions Class Reference

Set options for BasisSystemTester from an OptionsFromStream object. More...

#include <AbstractLinAlgPack_BasisSystemTesterSetOptions.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BasisSystemTesterSetOptions (BasisSystemTester *target=0, const char opt_grp_name[]="BasisSystemTester")

Protected Member Functions

void setOption (int option_num, const std::string &option_value)
 Overridden from SetOptionsFromStreamNode.

Detailed Description

Set options for BasisSystemTester from an OptionsFromStream object.

The default options group name is BasisSystemTester.

The options group is:

    options_group BasisSystemTester {
        print_tests = PRINT_NONE;
    *    print_tests = PRINT_BASIC;
    *    print_tests = PRINT_MORE;
    *    print_tests = PRINT_ALL;
    *    dump_all = true;
        dump_all = false;
        throw_exception = true;
    *    throw_exception = false;
        num_random_tests = 1;
        warning_tol = 1e-14;
        error_tol   = 1e-10;

Definition at line 62 of file AbstractLinAlgPack_BasisSystemTesterSetOptions.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AbstractLinAlgPack::BasisSystemTesterSetOptions::BasisSystemTesterSetOptions BasisSystemTester target = 0,
const char  opt_grp_name[] = "BasisSystemTester"

Definition at line 63 of file AbstractLinAlgPack_BasisSystemTesterSetOptions.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void AbstractLinAlgPack::BasisSystemTesterSetOptions::setOption int  option_num,
const std::string &  option_value
[protected, virtual]

Overridden from SetOptionsFromStreamNode.

Implements OptionsFromStreamPack::SetOptionsFromStreamNode.

Definition at line 72 of file AbstractLinAlgPack_BasisSystemTesterSetOptions.cpp.

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