MoochoPack::TangentialStepIP_Step Class Reference

Null Space Step for Interior Point algorithm. More...

#include <MoochoPack_TangentialStepIP_Step.hpp>

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Overridden from AlgorithmStep

bool do_step (Algorithm &algo, poss_type step_poss, IterationPack::EDoStepType type, poss_type assoc_step_poss)

Detailed Description

Null Space Step for Interior Point algorithm.

This class calculates the step pz (and Zpz)

Definition at line 43 of file MoochoPack_TangentialStepIP_Step.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool MoochoPack::TangentialStepIP_Step::do_step Algorithm algo,
poss_type  step_poss,
IterationPack::EDoStepType  type,
poss_type  assoc_step_poss

Definition at line 52 of file MoochoPack_TangentialStepIP_Step.cpp.

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