RTOp_ROp_combined_nu_comp_err.h File Reference

#include "RTOp.h"
#include "RTOp_obj_value_vtbl.h"

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Detailed Description

 element-wise reduction      : comp_err = max(comp_err, v0(i)*(v3(i)-v1(i), -v0(i)*(v1(i)-v2(i))));


This operator class implementation was created automatically by 'new_rtop.pl'.

This operator calculates an estimate of the complementarity error using a combined nu for the upper and lower bound inequality constraints. At the soln, a positive nu indicates the upper bound is active, while a negative nu indicates the lower bound is active. If nu is zero, then neither bound is active.

      for every i..
       comp_err = max(comp_err, v(i)*(xu(i)-x(i), -v(i)*(x(i)-xl(i))));

Definition in file RTOp_ROp_combined_nu_comp_err.h.

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