RTOp_TOp_force_in_bounds.h File Reference

#include "RTOp.h"
#include "RTOp_obj_null_vtbl.h"

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Detailed Description

Force the elements in a vector to be within upper and lower bounds.

Force vec[0](i) <= targ_vec[0](i) <= vec[1](i), for i = 1...n.

This operator is only admits dense vectors. This transformation operation performs the following (apply_op(...)):

            / xl(i) : if x(i) < xl(i)
 x(i) =     | x(i)  : if xl(i) <= x(i) <= xu(i)
            \ xu(i) : if x(i) > xu(i)
    x  = targ_vec[0]
  xl = vec[0]
  xu = vec[1]

Definition in file RTOp_TOp_force_in_bounds.h.

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