RTOp_MutableSubVector Struct Reference
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#include <RTOp.h>

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Detailed Description

Struct for a mutable sub-vector.

The corresponding entries in the global vector x(j) (one based) are as follows:

	x( vec.global_offset + k )
		= vec.values[ vec.value_stride * (k-1) ]

	for k = 1...vec.sub_dim
The stride member vec.value_stride may be positive (>0), negative (<0) but not zero (0). A negative stride vec.value_stride < 0 allows a reverse traversal of the elements in a vector. A zero stride vec.value_stride == 0 would allow a vector with all the elements the same and therefore is not a target of a transformation operation.

To avoid making mistakes in setting the members of this struct use one of the helper functions RTOp_mutable_sub_vector() or RTOp_mutable_sub_vector_null().

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