NOX Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
LOCA::AbstractLOCA abstract interface namespace
LOCA::AnasaziOperatorVarious group based operators for computing eigenvalues with Anasazi
LOCA::Bifurcation::PitchforkBord::StatusTestConvergence tests relating to pitchfork groups
LOCA::Bifurcation::TPBord::StatusTestConvergence tests relating to turning point groups
LOCA::BorderedSolverStrategies for solving bordered systems of equations
LOCA::Continuation::StatusTestConvergence tests relating to continuation groups
LOCA::EigensolverCollection of eigensolver strategies
LOCA::EigenvalueSortCollection of eigenvalue sorting strategies
LOCA::EpetraLOCA Epetra support
LOCA::Epetra::InterfaceProvides a set of interfaces for users to provide information about the nonlinear problem to LOCA
LOCA::Epetra::TransposeLinearSystemStrategies for solving transpose linear systems
LOCA::ExtendedExtended groups and vectors
LOCA::HopfGroups and vectors for Hopf bifurcations
LOCA::Hopf::MooreSpenceGroups and vectors for locating Hopf bifurcations using the Moore-Spence formulation
LOCA::MultiContinuationGroups and vectors for multi-parameter continuation
LOCA::MultiPredictorPredictor direction strategies
LOCA::PitchforkGroups and vectors for pitchfork bifurcations
LOCA::Pitchfork::MooreSpenceGroups and vectors for locating pitchfork bifurcations using the Moore-Spence formulation
LOCA::SaveEigenDataCollection strategies to save eigenvector/value data
LOCA::SingularJacobianSolveStrategies for solving $Jx=b$ when $J$ is (nearly) singular
LOCA::SolverLOCA Solver classes
LOCA::StatusTestLOCA StatusTest classes
LOCA::StepSizeCollection of step size control strategies
LOCA::TurningPointGroups and vectors for turning point bifurcations
LOCA::TurningPoint::MinimallyAugmentedGroups and vectors for locating turning point bifurcations using the minimally augmented turning point formulation
LOCA::TurningPoint::MooreSpenceGroups and vectors for locating turning point bifurcations using the Moore-Spence formulation
NOXNonlinear solvers package namespace
NOX::AbstractNOX abstract interface for vector and group
NOX::DirectionSearch direction strategies
NOX::EpetraImproved version of the Epetra support class
NOX::Epetra::InterfaceProvides a set of interfaces for users to provide information about the nonlinear problem to NOX
NOX::LineSearchNOX linesearches
NOX::LineSearch::UtilsCommon line search utilites
NOX::Multiphysics::SolverNOX nonlinear solvers namespace
NOX::PetscNOX Petsc support
NOX::SolverNOX nonlinear solvers namespace
NOX::StatusTestStatus checkers

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