Stratimikos: Thyra-based strategies for linear solvers

Stratimikos 1.0 in Trilinos 7.0

The package Stratimikos contains a unified set of Thyra-based wrappers to linear solver and preconditioner capabilities in Trilinos. The name Stratimikos was created from the Greek words "stratigiki" and "grammikos" which which mean "strategy" and "linear in English. The word "stratimikos" itself has not real meaning itself. The Stratimikos package is also a place where unified testing of linear solvers and preconditioners can be performed.

Stratimikos software

Stratimikos examples

Stratimikos browser

You can browse all of Stratimikos as a single doxygen collection. Warning, this is not the recommended way to learn about Stratimikos software. However, this is a good way to browse the directory structure of stratimikos, to locate files, etc.
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