Teuchos_FILEstream.hpp File Reference

#include <streambuf>

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Detailed Description

namespace Teuchos {

! Teuchos::FILEstream: Combined C FILE and C++ stream

/*! Teuchos::FILEstream is a class that defines an object that is simultaneously a C FILE object and a C++ stream object. The utility of this class is in connecting existing C++ code that uses streams and C code that uses FILEs. An important example of this situation is the python wrappers for Trilinos packages. Trilinos is of course written primarily in C++, but the python wrappers must interface to the python C API. Wrappers for Trilinos methods or operators that expect a stream can be given a Teuchos::FILEstream, which then behaves as a FILE within the python C API. This is a low-level object that should not be needed at the user level.

Definition in file Teuchos_FILEstream.hpp.

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