Teuchos - Trilinos Tools Package File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Teuchos_AbstractFactory.hpp [code]
Teuchos_AbstractFactoryStd.hpp [code]
Teuchos_any.hpp [code]Modified boost::any class for holding a templated value
Teuchos_Array.hpp [code]Templated array class derived from the STL vector
Teuchos_arrayArg.hpp [code]Utility that allows arrays to be passed into argument list
Teuchos_ArrayRefCountPtr.hpp [code]
Teuchos_ArrayRefCountPtrDecl.hpp [code]
Teuchos_basic_oblackholestream.hpp [code]
Teuchos_BLAS.cpp [code]
Teuchos_BLAS.hpp [code]Templated interface class to BLAS routines
Teuchos_BLAS_types.hpp [code]Enumerated types for BLAS input characters
Teuchos_BLAS_wrappers.hpp [code]The Templated BLAS wrappers
Teuchos_Comm.hpp [code]
Teuchos_CommandLineProcessor.cpp [code]
Teuchos_CommandLineProcessor.hpp [code]Basic command line parser for input from (argc,argv[])
Teuchos_CommHelpers.hpp [code]
Teuchos_CommUtilities.hpp [code]
Teuchos_CompileTimeAssert.hpp [code]Template classes for testing assertions at compile time
Teuchos_CompObject.cpp [code]
Teuchos_CompObject.hpp [code]Object for storing data and providing functionality that is common to all computational classes
Teuchos_ConfigDefs.hpp [code]Teuchos header file which uses auto-configuration information to include necessary C++ headers
Teuchos_ConstNonconstObjectContainer.hpp [code]
Teuchos_DataAccess.hpp [code]Teuchos::DataAccess Mode enumerable type
Teuchos_DefaultComm.hpp [code]
Teuchos_DefaultMpiComm.hpp [code]
Teuchos_DefaultSerialComm.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Describable.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Describable.hpp [code]
Teuchos_dyn_cast.cpp [code]
Teuchos_dyn_cast.hpp [code]
Teuchos_ErrorPolling.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ErrorPolling.hpp [code]
Teuchos_exit.cpp [code]
Teuchos_exit.h [code]Macros and helper functions for replacing raw calls to exit(int) in C and C++ code
Teuchos_ExpatHandlerAdapter.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ExpatHandlerAdapter.hpp [code]Expat adapter for the TreeBuildingXMLHandler
Teuchos_F77_wrappers.h [code]Macros for portably calling Fortran77 from C/C++
Teuchos_FancyOStream.hpp [code]
Teuchos_FileInputSource.cpp [code]
Teuchos_FileInputSource.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputSource derived class for reading XML from a file
Teuchos_FileInputStream.cpp [code]
Teuchos_FileInputStream.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputStream derived class for reading XML from a file
Teuchos_FILEstream.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Flops.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Flops.hpp [code]Object for providing basic support and consistent interfaces for counting/reporting floating-point operations performed in Teuchos computational classes
Teuchos_getConst.hpp [code]
Teuchos_GlobalMPISession.cpp [code]
Teuchos_GlobalMPISession.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Handle.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Handleable.hpp [code]
Teuchos_HashSet.hpp [code]Templated hashtable-based set
Teuchos_Hashtable.hpp [code]Templated hashtable class
Teuchos_HashUtils.cpp [code]
Teuchos_HashUtils.hpp [code]Utilities for generating hashcodes
Teuchos_LAPACK.hpp [code]Templated interface class to LAPACK routines
Teuchos_LAPACK_wrappers.hpp [code]The Templated LAPACK wrappers
Teuchos_Libxml2HandlerAdapter.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Libxml2HandlerAdapter.hpp [code]Libxml2 adapter for the TreeBuildingXMLHandler
Teuchos_map.hpp [code]Provides map class for deficient platforms
Teuchos_MPIComm.cpp [code]
Teuchos_MPIComm.hpp [code]Object representation of a MPI communicator
Teuchos_MPIContainerComm.hpp [code]Object representation of an MPI communicator for templated containers
Teuchos_MpiReductionOpSetter.cpp [code]
Teuchos_MpiReductionOpSetter.hpp [code]
Teuchos_MPISession.cpp [code]
Teuchos_MPISession.hpp [code]A MPI utilities class, providing methods for initializing, finalizing, and querying the global MPI session
Teuchos_MPITraits.hpp [code]Declaration of a templated traits class for binding MPI types to C++ types. This is for use with the MPIComm class and is supposed to compile rgeardless of whether MPI has been enabled. If you need to convert directly to MPI types (e.g., MPI_INT), please refer to Teuchos_MPIRawTraits.hpp
Teuchos_Object.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Object.hpp [code]The base Teuchos object
Teuchos_oblackholestream.hpp [code]
Teuchos_OpaqueWrapper.hpp [code]
Teuchos_OrdinalTraits.hpp [code]Defines basic traits for the ordinal field type
Teuchos_ParameterEntry.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ParameterEntry.hpp [code]Object held as the "value" in the Teuchos::ParameterList map
Teuchos_ParameterList.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ParameterList.hpp [code]Templated Parameter List class
Teuchos_ParameterListAcceptor.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ParameterListAcceptor.hpp [code]
Teuchos_ParameterXMLFileReader.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ParameterXMLFileReader.hpp [code]
Teuchos_PerformanceMonitorBase.hpp [code]Provides common capabilities for collecting and reporting performance data across processors
Teuchos_PerformanceMonitorUtils.cpp [code]
Teuchos_PerformanceMonitorUtils.hpp [code]Provides common capabilities for collecting and reporting performance data across processors
Teuchos_Polynomial.hpp [code]
Teuchos_PolynomialDecl.hpp [code]
Teuchos_PolynomialTraits.hpp [code]
Teuchos_PrimitiveTypeTraits.hpp [code]Declaration of a templated traits class for decomposing an object into an array of primitive objects
Teuchos_PromotionTraits.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Range1D.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Range1D.hpp [code]
Teuchos_RawMPITraits.hpp [code]Declaration of a templated traits class that returns raw MPI data types
Teuchos_ReductionOp.hpp [code]
Teuchos_ReductionOpHelpers.hpp [code]
Teuchos_RefCountPtr.cpp [code]
Teuchos_RefCountPtr.hpp [code]Reference-counted pointer class and non-member templated function implementations
Teuchos_RefCountPtrBoostSharedPtrConversions.hpp [code]
Teuchos_RefCountPtrBoostSharedPtrConversionsDecl.hpp [code]
Teuchos_RefCountPtrDecl.hpp [code]
Teuchos_ScalarTraits.cpp [code]
Teuchos_ScalarTraits.hpp [code]Defines basic traits for the scalar field type
Teuchos_SerialDenseMatrix.hpp [code]Templated serial dense matrix class
Teuchos_SerialDenseVector.hpp [code]Templated serial dense vector class
Teuchos_SerializationTraits.hpp [code]
Teuchos_SerializationTraitsHelpers.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Serializer.hpp [code]
Teuchos_SerializerHelpers.hpp [code]
Teuchos_StandardCatchMacros.hpp [code]
Teuchos_StandardCompositionMacros.hpp [code]Macro that adds <<std comp="">> members as attribute members for any class
Teuchos_StandardMemberCompositionMacros.hpp [code]Macro that adds <<std member="" comp="">> members as attribute members for any class
Teuchos_StringInputSource.cpp [code]
Teuchos_StringInputSource.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputSource derived class for reading XML from a string
Teuchos_StringInputStream.cpp [code]
Teuchos_StringInputStream.hpp [code]Definition of XMLInputStream derived class for reading XML from a string
Teuchos_StringToIntMap.cpp [code]
Teuchos_StringToIntMap.hpp [code]
Teuchos_StrUtils.cpp [code]
Teuchos_StrUtils.hpp [code]A string utilities class for Teuchos
Teuchos_TableColumn.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TableColumn.hpp [code]A column of TableEntry objects
Teuchos_TableEntry.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TableEntry.hpp [code]Base class for representing compound entries in a printed table of data. "Compound" means that each entry may be some aggregation of more than one item, for example a timer together with a number of calls, or a value together with its estimated measurement error
Teuchos_TableFormat.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TableFormat.hpp [code]Provides utilities for formatting tabular output
Teuchos_TestForException.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TestForException.hpp [code]Macro for throwing an exception with breakpointing to ease debugging
Teuchos_Time.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Time.hpp [code]Basic wall-clock timer class
Teuchos_TimeMonitor.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TimeMonitor.hpp [code]Timer class that starts when constructed and stops when the destructor is called
Teuchos_TreeBuildingXMLHandler.cpp [code]
Teuchos_TreeBuildingXMLHandler.hpp [code]Defines a class for assembling an XMLObject from XML input
Teuchos_TypeNameTraits.hpp [code]Defines basic traits returning the name of a type in a portable and readable way
Teuchos_Utils.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Utils.hpp [code]A utilities class for Teuchos
Teuchos_VerboseObject.cpp [code]
Teuchos_VerboseObject.hpp [code]
Teuchos_VerbosityLevel.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Version.hpp [code]
Teuchos_Workspace.cpp [code]
Teuchos_Workspace.hpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLInputSource.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLInputSource.hpp [code]A base class for defining a source of XML input
Teuchos_XMLInputStream.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLInputStream.hpp [code]A base class for defining a XML input stream
Teuchos_XMLObject.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLObject.hpp [code]An object representation of a subset of XML data
Teuchos_XMLObjectImplem.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLObjectImplem.hpp [code]Low level implementation of XMLObject
Teuchos_XMLParameterListHelpers.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLParameterListHelpers.hpp [code]Simple helper functions that make it easy to read and write XML to and from a parameterlist
Teuchos_XMLParameterListReader.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLParameterListReader.hpp [code]Writes an XML object to a parameter list
Teuchos_XMLParameterListWriter.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLParameterListWriter.hpp [code]Writes a ParameterList to an XML object
Teuchos_XMLParser.cpp [code]
Teuchos_XMLParser.hpp [code]A class providing a simple XML parser. Methods can be overloaded to exploit external XML parsing libraries

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