Thyra ANA Nonlinear Model Evaluator Interfaces Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBaseBase subclass for ModelEvaluator that defines some basic types
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::Derivative< Scalar >Simple aggregate class that stores a derivative object as a general linear operator or as a multi-vector
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::DerivativeMultiVector< Scalar >Simple aggregate class for a derivative object represented as a column-wise multi-vector or its transpose as a row-wise multi-vector
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::InArgs< Scalar >
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::InArgsSetup< Scalar >
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::OutArgs< Scalar >
Thyra::ModelEvaluatorBase::OutArgsSetup< Scalar >

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