Extended Thyra ANA Operator/Solve Interfaces Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Thyra::BlockedLinearOpWithSolveBase< RangeScalar, DomainScalar >Base interface for LinearOpWithSolveBase objects that can be accessed in blocks
Thyra::InverseLinearOpBase< RangeScalar, DomainScalar >Base interface for <ttLinearOpBase objects that are implemented in terms of the solve function on a LinearOpWithSolveBase object
Thyra::LinearSolverBuilderBase< Scalar >Abstract interface for an object that can create LinearOpWithSolveFactoryBase objects on demand
Thyra::PhysicallyBlockedLinearOpWithSolveBase< RangeScalar, DomainScalar >Base interface for filling an implicit LinearOpWithSolveBase object as a set of LinearOpWithSolveBase and >LinearOpBase blocks

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