Thyra::ScalarProdBase< Scalar > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Thyra::ScalarProdBase< Scalar >, including all inherited members.

apply(const EuclideanLinearOpBase< Scalar > &M, const ETransp M_trans, const MultiVectorBase< Scalar > &X, MultiVectorBase< Scalar > *Y, const Scalar alpha, const Scalar beta) const =0Thyra::ScalarProdBase< Scalar > [pure virtual]
isEuclidean() const Thyra::ScalarProdBase< Scalar > [virtual]
scalarProd(const VectorBase< Scalar > &x, const VectorBase< Scalar > &y) const Thyra::ScalarProdBase< Scalar > [virtual]
scalarProds(const MultiVectorBase< Scalar > &X, const MultiVectorBase< Scalar > &Y, Scalar scalar_prods[]) const =0Thyra::ScalarProdBase< Scalar > [pure virtual]
~ScalarProdBase()Thyra::ScalarProdBase< Scalar > [inline, virtual]

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