Anasazi::AnasaziError Class Reference

An exception class parent to all Anasazi exceptions. More...

#include <AnasaziTypes.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Anasazi::AnasaziError:

Anasazi::BlockDavidsonInitFailure Anasazi::BlockDavidsonOrthoFailure Anasazi::BlockKrylovSchurInitFailure Anasazi::BlockKrylovSchurOrthoFailure Anasazi::EpetraMultiVecFailure Anasazi::EpetraOpFailure Anasazi::LOBPCGInitFailure Anasazi::LOBPCGOrthoFailure Anasazi::LOBPCGRitzFailure Anasazi::OperatorError Anasazi::OrthoError Anasazi::SortManagerError Anasazi::StatusTestError List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 AnasaziError (const std::string &what_arg)

Detailed Description

An exception class parent to all Anasazi exceptions.

Definition at line 48 of file AnasaziTypes.hpp.

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