AztecOOConditionNumber Class Reference

Condition number estimator using AztecOO. More...

#include <AztecOO_ConditionNumber.h>

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Public Types

 CG for symmetric matrices.
 GMRES for nonsymmetric.
enum  SolverType { CG_, GMRES_ }
 Solver type to use. More...

Public Member Functions

 AztecOOConditionNumber ()
 ~AztecOOConditionNumber ()
void initialize (const Epetra_Operator &op, SolverType solverType=GMRES_, int krylovSubspaceSize=100, bool printSolve=false)
int computeConditionNumber (int maxIters, double tol)
 Estimates the condition number.
double getConditionNumber ()
 Return condition number computed by last call to computeConditionNumber.

Protected Member Functions

void freeMemory ()
 Frees all memory allocated with new by this object.

Protected Attributes

double conditionNumber_
 Condition number calculated in computeConditionNumber.
 Map to create left hand side vector.
 Map to create right hand side vector.
 Operator supplied by user in initialization.
 RHS vector. This is initializaed to a random vector.
 Dummy vector. Initializaed to zero.
 solver object.
bool printSolve_
 Conditional for printing solve to output.

Detailed Description

Condition number estimator using AztecOO.

This object will estimate the condition number of an Epetra_Operator.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum AztecOOConditionNumber::SolverType

Solver type to use.

CG_  CG for symmetric matrices.
GMRES_  GMRES for nonsymmetric.

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