AztecOO_StatusTest Member List

This is the complete list of members for AztecOO_StatusTest, including all inherited members.

AztecOO_StatusTest()AztecOO_StatusTest [inline]
CheckStatus(int CurrentIter, Epetra_MultiVector *CurrentResVector, double CurrentResNormEst, bool SolutionUpdated)=0AztecOO_StatusTest [pure virtual]
GetStatus() const =0AztecOO_StatusTest [pure virtual]
Print(ostream &stream, int indent=0) const =0AztecOO_StatusTest [pure virtual]
PrintStatus(ostream &os, AztecOO_StatusType type) const (defined in AztecOO_StatusTest)AztecOO_StatusTest [inline, virtual]
ResidualVectorRequired() const =0AztecOO_StatusTest [pure virtual]
~AztecOO_StatusTest()AztecOO_StatusTest [inline, virtual]

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