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Epetra_Object: The base Epetra class. More...

#include <Epetra_Object.h>

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Attribute set/get methods

virtual void SetLabel (const char *const Label)
 Epetra_Object Label definition using char *.
virtual const char * Label () const
 Epetra_Object Label access funtion.
static void SetTracebackMode (int TracebackModeValue)
 Set the value of the Epetra_Object error traceback report mode.
static int GetTracebackMode ()
 Get the value of the Epetra_Object error report mode.
static std::ostream & GetTracebackStream ()
 Get the output stream for error reporting.

Public Member Functions

 Epetra_Object (int TracebackModeIn=-1, bool set_label=true)
 Epetra_Object Constructor.
 Epetra_Object (const char *const Label, int TracebackModeIn=-1)
 Epetra_Object Constructor.
 Epetra_Object (const Epetra_Object &Object)
 Epetra_Object Copy Constructor.
virtual ~Epetra_Object ()
 Epetra_Object Destructor.
virtual void Print (ostream &os) const
virtual int ReportError (const string Message, int ErrorCode) const
 Error reporting method.

Static Public Attributes

static int TracebackMode

Protected Member Functions

string toString (const int &x) const
string toString (const double &x) const

Detailed Description

Epetra_Object: The base Epetra class.

The Epetra_Object class provides capabilities common to all Epetra objects, such as a label that identifies an object instance, constant definitions, enum types.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Epetra_Object::Epetra_Object ( int  TracebackModeIn = -1,
bool  set_label = true 

Epetra_Object Constructor.

Epetra_Object is the primary base class in Epetra. All Epetra class are derived from it, directly or indirectly. This class is seldom used explictly.

Epetra_Object::Epetra_Object ( const char *const   Label,
int  TracebackModeIn = -1 

Epetra_Object Constructor.

Creates a Epetra_Object with the given label.

Epetra_Object::Epetra_Object ( const Epetra_Object Object  ) 

Epetra_Object Copy Constructor.

Makes an exact copy of an existing Epetra_Object instance.

virtual Epetra_Object::~Epetra_Object (  )  [virtual]

Epetra_Object Destructor.

Completely deletes a Epetra_Object object.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* Epetra_Object::Label (  )  const [virtual]

Epetra_Object Label access funtion.

Returns the string used to define this object.

Reimplemented in Epetra_BasicRowMatrix, Epetra_CrsMatrix, Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix, Epetra_SerialDenseSVD, Epetra_VbrMatrix, and Epetra_MsrMatrix.

virtual void Epetra_Object::Print ( ostream &  os  )  const [virtual]

Print object to an output stream Print method

Reimplemented in Epetra_BasicRowMatrix, Epetra_BlockMap, Epetra_CrsGraph, Epetra_CrsMatrix, Epetra_DistObject, Epetra_Export, Epetra_Import, Epetra_IntSerialDenseMatrix, Epetra_IntSerialDenseVector, Epetra_IntVector, Epetra_MapColoring, Epetra_MpiComm, Epetra_MpiSmpComm, Epetra_MultiVector, Epetra_OffsetIndex, Epetra_SerialComm, Epetra_SerialDenseMatrix, Epetra_SerialDenseSolver, Epetra_SerialDenseSVD, Epetra_SerialDenseVector, Epetra_VbrMatrix, and Epetra_MsrMatrix.

virtual void Epetra_Object::SetLabel ( const char *const   Label  )  [virtual]

Epetra_Object Label definition using char *.

Defines the label used to describe the this object.

static void Epetra_Object::SetTracebackMode ( int  TracebackModeValue  )  [static]

Set the value of the Epetra_Object error traceback report mode.

Sets the integer error traceback behavior. TracebackMode controls whether or not traceback information is printed when run time integer errors are detected:

<= 0 - No information report

= 1 - Fatal (negative) values are reported

>= 2 - All values (except zero) reported.

Default is set to 1.

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