EpetraExt::Handle Member List

This is the complete list of members for EpetraExt::Handle, including all inherited members.

DoubleSize(const int EID) const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
Finalize()=0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
GetLabels(std::vector< std::string > &IntLabels, std::vector< std::string > &DoubleLabels) const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
GetLabels(std::vector< std::string > &IntLabels, std::vector< int > &IntLabelsData, std::vector< std::string > &DoubleLabels, std::vector< double > &DoubleLabelsData) const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
HasDouble() const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
HasInt() const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
Initialize()=0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
IntSize(const int EID) const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
NumGlobalElements() const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
NumMyElements() const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
Pack(const int EID, int *IntData, double *DoubleData) const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
SetLabels(const std::vector< int > &IntLabelsData, const std::vector< double > &DoubleLabelsData)=0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
Type() const =0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
UnPack(const int EID, int IntSize, int *IntData, int DoubleSize, double *DoubleData)=0EpetraExt::Handle [pure virtual]
~Handle()EpetraExt::Handle [inline, virtual]

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