AbstractLinAlgPack_Vector.hpp File Reference

#include <iosfwd>
#include "AbstractLinAlgPack_Types.hpp"
#include "RTOpPack_RTOpT.hpp"

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namespace  AbstractLinAlgPack


class  AbstractLinAlgPack::Vector
 Abstract interface for immutable, finite dimensional, coordinate vectors {abstract}. More...


void AbstractLinAlgPack::apply_op (const RTOpPack::RTOp &op,const size_t num_vecs,const Vector *vecs[],const size_t num_targ_vecs,VectorMutable *targ_vecs[],RTOpPack::ReductTarget *reduct_obj,const index_type first_ele=1,const index_type sub_dim=0,const index_type global_offset=0)
 Apply a reduction/transformation,operation over a set of vectors: op(op(v[0]...v[nv-1],z[0]...z[nz-1]),(*reduct_obj)) -> z[0]...z[nz-1],(*reduct_obj).

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