DenseLinAlgLAPack.hpp File Reference

#include "DenseLinAlgLAPack_Types.hpp"

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namespace  DenseLinAlgLAPack


void DenseLinAlgLAPack::potrf (DMatrixSliceTriEle *A)
 Calls xPOTRF to compute the cholesky factorization of a symmetric positive definte matrix.
void DenseLinAlgLAPack::geqrf (DMatrixSlice *A, DVectorSlice *tau, DVectorSlice *work)
 Calls xGEQRF to compute the QR factorization of a matrix A.
void DenseLinAlgLAPack::ormrq (BLAS_Cpp::Side side, BLAS_Cpp::Transp trans, const DMatrixSlice &A, const DVectorSlice &tau, DMatrixSlice *C, DVectorSlice *work)
 Calls xORMRQ to compute a matrix matrix op(C)=op(Q)*op(C) where Q is stored in A and tau computed from geqrf(..).
void DenseLinAlgLAPack::sytrf (DMatrixSliceTriEle *A, FortranTypes::f_int ipiv[], DVectorSlice *work)
 Calls xSYTRF to compute the P*A*P' = L'*D*L factorization of a symmetric possibly indefinite matrix.
void DenseLinAlgLAPack::sytrs (const DMatrixSliceTriEle &A, FortranTypes::f_int ipiv[],DMatrixSlice *B, DVectorSlice *work)
 Calls xSYTRS(...) to compute the solution of the factorized system A * X = B where A was factorized by xSYTRF(...).
void DenseLinAlgLAPack::getrf (DMatrixSlice *A, FortranTypes::f_int ipiv[], FortranTypes::f_int *rank)
 Calls xGETRF to compute the P'*A = L*U factorization of a general rectuangular matrix.
void DenseLinAlgLAPack::getrs (const DMatrixSlice &LU, const FortranTypes::f_int ipiv[], BLAS_Cpp::Transp transp,DMatrixSlice *B)
 Calls xGETRS to solve linear systems with the factors of P'*A = L*U generated by xGETRF.

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