DenseLinAlgPack_PermVecMat.hpp File Reference

#include <stdexcept>
#include "DenseLinAlgPack_Types.hpp"

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namespace  DenseLinAlgPack


void DenseLinAlgPack::identity_perm (IVector *perm)
void DenseLinAlgPack::inv_perm (const IVector &perm, IVector *inv_perm)
void DenseLinAlgPack::perm_ele (const IVector &perm, DVectorSlice *vs)
 Permute a DVectorSlice in place.
void DenseLinAlgPack::perm_ele (const DVectorSlice &x, const IVector &perm, DVectorSlice *y)
 Perform y = P*x.
void DenseLinAlgPack::inv_perm_ele (const DVectorSlice &y, const IVector &perm, DVectorSlice *x)
 Perform x = P'*y.
void DenseLinAlgPack::perm_rows (const IVector &row_perm, DMatrixSlice *gms)
 Permute a GenMatrixSlices rows.
void DenseLinAlgPack::perm_cols (const IVector &col_perm, DMatrixSlice *gms)
 Permute a GenMatrixSlices columns.
void DenseLinAlgPack::perm_rows_cols (const IVector &row_perm, const IVector &col_perm, DMatrixSlice *gms)
 Permute a GenMatrixSlices rows and columns.

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