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Newp_Jambo: A sample class. More...

#include <Newp_Jambo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Newp_Jambo (const Epetra_Comm &Comm)
 Basic Newp_Jambo constuctor.
 Newp_Jambo (const Newp_Jambo &Source)
 Newp_Jambo copy constructor.
virtual void Print (ostream &os) const
 Print method.

Detailed Description

Newp_Jambo: A sample class.

The Newp_Jambo class prints out a "Hello World" type message using the only word of Swahili that I know: Jambo, which means Hello. The sole purpose of this code is to demonstrate the conditional compilation and linkage features of the AUTOTOOLS package of tools.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Newp_Jambo::Newp_Jambo ( const Epetra_Comm &  Comm  ) 

Basic Newp_Jambo constuctor.

Creates a Newp_Jambo object and fills with default values.

Newp_Hello is not fully translated into Swahili.
Comm In An Epetra Communicator
Newp_Jambo object

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